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Yealink terminals: what today’s manager needs

Yealink Terminals

An important part of being the manager of a company is having the right communication skills. After all, this type of work requires a lot of negotiation and conversation, but with the necessary professionalism. Nowadays, everything can be solved by means of a smartphone, however, the mystique of having a proper office has its logic. For today’s executive staff, Yealink terminals are the best choice.

Management workspaces often follow a particular logic. What seems like a show of glamour and power is actually a very functional formula for doing business and finding efficient solutions. Having the right equipment is a way to convince, lead and show a status that allows closing agreements and strategies for business growth.

The best phones for managers

The largest and most successful companies have something in common: The visibility in the differentiation of each position. The office of a manager cannot be the same as that of a supervisor, and the office of a supervisor is very different from that of a regular employee. This is due to a clear logic: the responsibilities of those at the top are greater. Of course, this being the case, managers also require other spaces and different resources.

It is said that the relevance of the position in a company is measured by the type of telephone that each employee has. Probably, the only employee who has a great phone is the receptionist, a team that also obeys very particular characteristics. Otherwise, the most innovative, complete and even aesthetic equipment is for the managers and executives of the company.

The yealink terminal of an executive position must be much more complete than that of any other employee. And the higher up in the hierarchy, the better the equipment that provides communication. Even the aesthetics of this device is central in the case of the most senior positions. Following this logic will accomplish a lot both inside and outside the company.

Why should managers have the best Yealink terminals?

More than status, it is a matter of execution and convincing. Let’s imagine an executive who answers his calls from an ordinary telephone, without a screen or IP telephony. If he is seen by a person with whom he is negotiating, or needs to make an agreement… How could this executive convince that his company is successful if he looks like just another employee? Business growth means getting bigger and bigger deals and for this you have to show prestige.


In order to work with larger companies you need to show your own success. You can’t get investors, deals and even major buyers if these people don’t feel confident. No one would give their money or support to someone who does not reflect that they can meet the challenges that these partnerships present. Be that as it may, in the business world, perceptions are important.

Internally, managers need to be a reflection of how interesting it is to be a good worker. Employees lower and middle in the hierarchy need to know that being good might be desirable. The idea within the best companies is that their best employees see the possibility of moving up in them and making a whole working life there. Having said all this, below, we will show you the best models of Yealink terminals for business managers.

Yealink terminals for executives

Phones with built-in screens are probably the best choice for any manager. Of these, there are different levels and price points, so newer companies have a choice. An excellent choice is the Yealink VP59. Basically, these devices are known as videophones and incorporate a good quality camera, which allows for video conferencing. In addition to this, the device has an adjustable touch screen.

A cheaper option is the Yealink T58A with camera included. This video calling device also has a touch screen, extensive video and audio conferencing capabilities. Arguably, this is a slightly simpler version than the previous model, which aims to reduce cost. While the VP59 costs €496, this one costs €325.

For those executives who prefer audio conferencing, the Yealink CP960 is recommended. It includes WiFi, Bluetooth, touch screen, high quality microphones and a very elegant design. Undoubtedly, Yealink terminals are the best option for today’s executives. Remember that in Neotel’s online store we have the best IP telephony equipment for small, medium and large companies.