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Terminals Yealink and Grandstream Gateways: VoIP calls easily

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and communications are not left behind, fixed telephony adapts to the evolution by offering calls in VoIP protocol, being able to use Yealink terminals as an option, or if on the contrary you do not want to change your traditional phones you can get a grandstream gateway to adapt the functionality of these as if they were ip phones.

Yealink Terminals


Yealink terminals represent the next generation of telephones, designed to meet the needs of users and businesses.

Their interface is new. They have a high quality, HD definition and headphones, high resolution screens and ease of configuration.


Yealink Terminal Models


In the market there is a great variety of yealink terminals, which can be adapted to the needs of everyone, here the best options:

Yealink T29G Terminals


This Yealink terminal is new, offering up to 16 SIP accounts, 240 by 120 pixels graphic screen and wifi and bluetooth compatibility.


Yealink T46S Terminals


The Yealink T46S terminal offers the ability to make business meetings via Skype, its screen is 4.3″, wall mount supports the Opus codec.


Yealink T48S Terminals


This model of Yealink terminals presents a touch screen to make easier the work of a size of 7″ with 800×480 pixels.

Grandstream Gateways


If you already have a large analogue telephone infrastructure the best option is to integrate Grandstream Gateways.

With its different series, models and designs Grandstream Gateways allows you to link lines or PBXs to the VoIP network.

Small and medium enterprises can manage costs by creating cabling-free environments.


Grandstream Gateways Models


A wide variety of grandstream gateway models are currently available to choose from to best suit all your needs:

Grandstream Gateway GXW4216


This Granstream Gateway offers up to 16 ports for telephone connections (RJ11) and one connector (included) Telco


Grandstream Gateway GXW4104


This Grandstream Gateway device offers up to two RTB line connections and 4 getaway device connections.

Grandstream Gateway GXW4224


The grandstream Gateway GXW4224 offers 24 RJ11 connections and a Telco connector (pins) which is included when purchasing the equipment.

In conclusion you can join the VoIP world with any of these products.