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Companies can purchase their telephone devices from Neotel

yealink -53H

There has been a lot of talk about IP telephony in the business media lately. In fact, this technology has become a necessity for large corporations worldwide. As a communication system, this alternative stands out for being economical, efficient, innovative and the best thing is that it requires little investment in most cases.

Of course, there are some implements that companies will have to buy to switch to IP telephony. However, their cost is usually very low for the benefit that will be obtained. The good news is that Neotel has all the accessories and devices needed to make the leap in quality. Similarly, this post will serve to understand how cheap it is to migrate communications.

IP telephony and the advantage of using it


virtual pbx

IP telephony is the new strategy used by companies worldwide to reduce their communication costs. Basically, the idea is to support all telephone communication through a broadband connection. This means that even telephone calls are made over the Internet. In reality, implementing this strategy lowers costs among other things.

Implementing IP telephony is usually much cheaper than maintaining both Internet and telephone lines separately. Of course, both communication systems can be maintained, but the idea is to use the broadband connection to a greater extent. It should be noted that this also makes it possible to unify all communication, which can be very useful on a commercial level and also for checking work within a company.

In principle, what is required is to have a virtual PBX software. However, from this point on, the devices in an office can be transformed so that everything works over the Internet. Although this sounds problematic, the reality is that it is very simple and cheaper than anyone would think.

What does it take to move to IP telephony?

Up until about two decades ago, improving communication involved heavy costs for companies. Back then, having a call center meant setting up a data center with expensive servers, infrastructure and all kinds of technological devices. The businessman had to adapt to the technology and not the other way around. Having good communications implied a sum of money that only the largest companies could afford.

telefonía ip

Learning from this experience, it was precisely the large companies that moved more quickly to IP telephony. This is because they understood how cheap it is to support telephone communications under Internet protocol. Investments went from hundreds of thousands of euros to only thousands. The best thing is that tools such as virtual PBX software have much more advanced add-ons.

Perhaps the most important question at the moment is how much does the migration to IP telephony cost? In addition to hiring the virtual PBX, which can be adapted to the expense of each entrepreneur and company, the answer to this question is, it depends. That is to say that, in each company, this can vary greatly. In fact, everything will depend on the devices available.

IP Telephony: What equipment do you have?

Once you have the virtual PBX software, the next thing to do is to check what devices you have. Call centers are managed with computers, but the rest of the office should also use IP telephony. In this order of ideas, the main thing is to verify what telephone devices are in the company that wants to migrate to this technology.

The best thing about IP telephony is that you can even work with some telephones of a certain age. There are accessories and devices that allow these devices to work with broadband connection. In other words, part of the technological leap lies precisely in the ability of this technology to adapt to companies.

Depending on what they have, companies will have to invest in telephone equipment and some devices. Of course, this is much cheaper than building a data center with servers inside the office. Everything will also depend on what each businessman wants for his company.

The best thing about IP telephony is that it gives you alternatives.

yealink -53H

While traditional telephone communication systems were inevitably expensive, IP telephony provides alternatives. In fact, part of its cost-effectiveness and convenience lies in the fact that you can choose a basic service, or a more expensive one. The same is true of telephone devices and accessories: there will always be one that suits the budget and needs of each business owner.

For example, a company that needs to buy business phones can choose between a simple model with transfer options, or a phone with an LED screen for videoconferencing. The differences between the two products can be significant, but at the end of the day all companies will be able to purchase a device that allows them to operate with IP telephony.

For example, a Yealink W53H cordless phone costs €70.90, as opposed to a Yealink VP59 videophone with a large full HD display. The best thing is that the creators of this type of devices create different product segments, precisely so that each company can measure its investment and count on the devices.

Old-fashioned phones: That’s what Grandstream Gateways is for.

As noted above, IP telephony can also work with long-standing phones. Certainly, there are very outdated phones that cannot work with this technology. But many that were even built before the advent of this technology can implement the broadband connection thanks to some very versatile devices: Grandstream Gateways.

This means that many companies will be able to work with the telephone devices they previously had in their offices. In order to do so, they will only have to buy grandstream gateways, which at their maximum value can cost around 799 €, which means having 48 telephone ports at their disposal. However, if the company is much smaller, the price of this component can be as low as €325, or even less.

A small company that only has four desktop phone devices might be able to run with €199 grandstream gateways. If they have their phones in a certain configuration, buying this type of device will allow them to operate normally over the Internet. The good news is that many of the devices they created even from the 90’s, can work from this formula.

There is no point of comparison

Creating a data center with servers could cost as much as $20,000 just to get started. Some of the largest companies had to invest millions to have a modern, secure and reliable communication system. With IP telephony and virtual PBX, you can do a lot for less than 1,000 euros. This is precisely the magic of the Internet.

An entrepreneur with a small business could start with much less than that. The best thing is that he could have advanced telemarketing and customer service modules, with a very small investment. This is ideal for freelancers, family businesses and ecommerce stores. In fact, any business can plan their budget, maintain excellent communication and upgrade.

Neotel is a company known for offering its innovative virtual PBX, at competitive prices and with advanced functionalities. But we also have a virtual store where you can buy all the equipment and accessories needed to migrate to IP telephony successfully and at very attractive prices.

What is in the Neotel store?

Neotel’s online store offers three types of physical products for telephone communication in the office. The catalog features various types of Yealink terminals oriented for business work. From simple, cordless desk phones to high-tech equipment suitable for videoconferencing, with internet connection and modern screens.

Secondly, Neotel offers grandstream gateways, useful for transforming traditional telephone line communication into a broadband connection. In the catalog there are different models, with the intention of covering the demand of each type of company.

Thirdly, we offer a series of complementary accessories useful for IP telephony and for business telephone communication. From phone and battery chargers, bases, special cables, connectors and some other things that are very useful when migrating to this technology. At Neotel, we offer both the software and the virtual PBX service, as well as physical elements for communication.

The migration to IP telephony is valued by the most prestigious companies as a necessary step. Doing so improves control over communication, marketing, customer service and resources to keep the company’s operations at the highest level. Communication is everything and at Neotel we have everything you need to develop it successfully.

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Neotel terminals: Which one is best for your company?

The adaptation to IP telephony is already a necessity for all companies. It has many advantages, but above all, it is very economical. It is obvious that more and more people are using online communication and have become accustomed to it. Therefore, it is vital that you start reviewing which yealink terminals you will buy next for your office.

Those companies that have very outdated telephone devices will need to consider which devices to purchase. Others will simply be looking to upgrade to better phones. Whatever the case, below, we’ll show you the best online-enabled handsets on the market.

What is important when buying office phones?

In principle, today’s office phones must be able to work with IP telephony. This is because almost all communication is now done over the Internet and not through traditional telephone lines. However, it is important to know that today’s business phone models have multiple utilities, prices and functionalities.

Businessmen should make a balance between cost, benefit and also functionality when buying their phones. Of course, not all the budget can be spent on equipment purchases when it comes to a company. So, the first thing to do is to rationalize purchases and to do so, the functions of the phones must be known.

Another question buyers should ask themselves is: What do I need this phone for? This is key because with a simple analysis it will be possible to economize the budget allocated for this purchase. Each model has a different function and should be oriented to a certain role within the company.

The cheapest Yealink desktop terminals

There are offices and tasks within the company that do not require an astronomical investment in business terminals. There are very useful and inexpensive models to meet the communication needs of employees. The cheapest phone in Neotel’s online store is the Yealink T31P.

Neotel Yealink t31P: This is a desk phone ideal for receptions and secretaries. It works with IP telephony and fulfills all the functions for a type of employee who does not need to move much from their workstation. It allows conference calls with up to five participants and offers Full Duplex HD sound quality. Its cost is only 47.95 €.

Yealink T31G: This desktop phone is very similar to the previous one, but has some improvements. This one has an LCD display that allows the operator to quickly check call information. It also has programmable functions for six buttons, in case you want to make any configuration for transfers. Its cost is 70, 90 €.

Neotel has at least four other models of desktop terminals that do not exceed 50 €. All of them have similar functionalities and are ideal for not very complex functions.

Inexpensive cordless phones: best for small offices

There are functions in companies that require their employees to have a little more mobility. Of course, buying cordless phones is much more convenient for the employee. At Neotel, this type of device can be purchased from 70, 94 €. Here are some of the models available in the online store.

Yealink W53H: This is one of the cheapest and most powerful cordless phones on the market. It has fast charging, offers 18 hours of continuous talk time and has a color screen. Despite all these features, it can be purchased for only 70.90 €. Undoubtedly, a product that cannot go unnoticed and that is available at Neotel’s online store.

Yealink W60P: The difference between this and the previous one is that it allows you to install up to 8 handsets. This means that a small office can solve its telephone communication by means of this product. This is ideal, because eight different calls can be made simultaneously in the same environment. This is ideal, for example, for large-scale providers.  The cost of the unit with the base is 109.90 €.

Yealink W59R: this is the ideal cordless phone for the manager of a small or medium-sized company. It is waterproof, has anti-scratch protection and programmable alarm functions. It costs $124.90 and is the right phone for the operations manager.

Color display phones: raising the bar for professionals

The intermediate levels of a large company require a phone with a higher level of performance. This is where color screen phones with Internet connectivity come in. These are ideal for people who have business accounts, or who have important functions within the company.

Yealink T54W: The best thing about this type of phone is that it has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in addition to the color screen. On the screen you can see who is calling and have some numbers programmed by default. With the push of a button, transfers are made or calls are made. This is how the executives of the most innovative companies work. Its cost is 155,90 €.

Yealink T57W: This model is quite similar to the previous one, but has a larger screen. This allows it to offer up to 29 key buttons on the screen for direct dialing. This is very important for executives who manage different clients or departments. It is priced at 199.90 € and is available from Neotel’s online store.

Another similar but slightly more expensive model is the Yealink T58A, with a large touch screen. This phone allows video conferencing and has a CAM50 camera precisely for these purposes. It costs 235.90 and offers all the features an executive needs. This is one of the best Yealink terminals on the market.

The most expensive models of Yealink terminals

Some devices far exceed the functionalities of those already mentioned. Of course, this type of device is necessary in large companies, or those dedicated to technological innovation. Below, you will see the cream of the crop of IP telephony for the business world.

Yealink CP960: This is a state-of-the-art device specialized for audio conferencing. But unlike other simpler models, this one has a built-in full color touch screen. In addition, it can be connected to a computer, which gives it incredible versatility. Its cost is 489.90 €.

Yealink VP59: This is a desktop videophone with one of the largest screens on the market. Its screen is touch screen, adjustable and incorporates a two megapixel HD camera. Undoubtedly one of the best office devices for professional videoconferencing. Its cost in online store is 449.90 €.

In the Neotel catalog there are Yealink terminals a little cheaper than these two with similar functionality. Of course, everything will depend on the requirements of the buyer and the use to which the devices will be put. It is all a matter of verifying the budget you have to make the purchase and choosing a functional option.

Buying on a budget

The best thing about IP telephony business devices is that there are many different options. The buyer can always review the specifications of each device and weigh the costs of each. The important thing when making this type of investment is to think about the needs of the work team.

Not every office needs to have state-of-the-art devices with cameras and color screens. This is the part that the purchasing manager or entrepreneur should check. Just take a look at each department and understand their particular requirements. In this way, costs can be reduced and still opt for quality equipment.

In any case, the most vital thing is to be able to upgrade the company so that all communication works by IP telephony. This is the goal to be achieved and there are always viable alternatives to reduce costs. For example, some departments can resort to the installation of Grandstream Gateways. This allows some not-so-new devices to make and receive calls over the Internet connection.

Neotel has the best Yealink terminals on the market.

All of the devices listed here are available in Neotel’s online store. In fact, these are the most sought after models on the market, in different segments. If you need a Yealink terminal for business or commercial activity you can buy it right now through the website and pay by PayPal, debit or credit card.

The best thing is that you can count on the technical assistance of our sales department. There you can get information about each equipment, technical guidance, installation questions and other doubts. The goal is not only that you buy the equipment, but also that you can put it into operation as soon as possible.

In addition, Neotel offers its virtual switchboard to manage and unify all your company’s communication. It doesn’t matter if it is a customer service call center, a small business or a traditional company. This program has advanced modules that you can implement to make your company grow.

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Functions and features of the Yealink W53H

Yealink offers us a wide range of terminals which have created a positive impact on the development of solutions at the corporate level of each company and one of this segmentation is the development of wireless terminals which combine not only the practicality of the Wi-Fi network but also the quality of Yealink terminals.

One of these terminals is the Yealink W53H which is a next-generation wireless phone with an enterprise focus which has excellent battery life and high compatibility to various applications and infrastructures taking full advantage of the integrated functions of the Yealink terminals.

One of the great advantages of this W53H terminal is its great voice quality taking advantage of each of its properties and thanks to its 1.8 ” TFT color screen we will know that we are carrying a wireless VoIP phone of last generation which has all the tradition of Yealink.

The Yealink W53H terminal is capable of expanding to a maximum of 8 wireless phones.

The Yealink W53H has Yealink DECT technology which is based on the CAT-iq2.0 standard, which has the task of optimizing VoIP audio quality (broadband) as well as using low speed data applications without losing data quality.

Note: Yealink W53H terminals are not compatible with third party DECT devices such as base stations, telephone and so on.

Within the technical aspects of the Yealink W53H we highlight the following:



  • 1.8” TFT colour display with 128 x 160 resolution
  • Caller ID with name and phone number
  • Intuitive user interface with icons
  • Notification light which displays tasks such as voicemail, missed call and more
  • Multilanguage user interface
  • Integrate screen saver
  • Date and time can be synchronized manually or automatically
  • LCD backlight
  • Keyboard integrates backlighting
  • W53H terminal complies with hearing aid compatibility (HAC)
  • It has 9 timbre melodies
  • Offers multiple warning tones
  • Supports DTMF
  • Supports up to 2 simultaneous phone calls
  • Integrates features such as call waiting, call transfer, call switching, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, silence, DND, call forwarding, and more
  • Phone book for up to 100 contacts
  • Remote Agenda
  • Keyboard lock for added security
  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Offers factory reset or computer restart function
  • Rejection of anonymous calls to prevent spam
  • 18 hours of talk time
  • its range is up to 50 meters indoors or up to 300 meters outdoors
  • 12-key numeric keypad
  • 6 direct access keys and 6 function keys


The Yealink W53H terminal is an ideal solution to take advantage of both the benefits of the Wi-Fi network and the capabilities of Yealink.

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Yealink terminals: VoIP very easy

The Yealink terminals belong to the company of the same name that was founded in China in 2001, and since that time until now have become one of the leaders of VoIP telephony worldwide.


Why are yealink terminals among the leaders in VoIP?


This company is getting better every day in the development of equipment for communications solutions to unify voice, video calls, cloud-computing, image processing and data management.

virtual pbx



Brief history of the company Yealink


From the beginning they have been faithful to their philosophy: “Easy collaboration”.

To speak of Yealink is to speak of innovation, trajectory and recognition, they have created, covered and innovating for the needs of the clients.

The company has stood out for being a service provider to more than 140 countries (including Spain), not only manufacturing SIP phones.



Purpose of Yealink Company

The company presents as its primary objective the transformation of standard communications to digital formats, only four years after its foundation were the main supplier of yealink terminals in the world.


Evolution over time


By the year 2010 they become the first SIP telephony provider for China.

By 2013 they open their base office in Hangzhou and the following year (2014) they become one of the two largest SIP telephony providers in the world.

At the end of that year begins the collaboration with the company microsoft catapulting as a leading company in the video conferencing system.



Yealink’s competitive alliances with its terminals


By 2016, Verizon, British Telecom, AT&T, Vodafone and KPN will form a strategic alliance.


Product quality: Your main goal


The yealink terminals provide basic capabilities, as well as advanced capabilities, among which stand out:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Transfers
  • Call Waiting
  • Videoconferencing
  • Agendas

Advanced computer developments


Among the features that have helped yealink terminals to be leaders in the market, the following stands out:

1) Special service for videoconferences: Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) infrastructure and all-in-one server; yealink terminals include video; PC software; mobile and cloud applications.

2) Voice communication, highlighting its terminals with audio-only versions, as well as audio+video-called versions.

2.1 Home desktop terminals that have improved HD sound, integrating: Opus codec, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth.



  • Yealink T19E2: Basic phone has 1 SIP account, WITHOUT PoE, WITH PSU, its graphic screen is 132 x 64-pixel, presents 4 Soft Keys, 3 conference, XML Address Book, presents IPv6 ports, Switch Ethernet 2xLAN 10/100Mbps, compatible with YHS33 headphones and wall mount.


2.2 Enterprise Desktop Terminals: ranging from basic one-line terminals to color displays, powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

2.3 DECT terminals, preferred by many SMEs, because they are a solution, because they are wireless terminals with simple operation, without neglecting reliability. They do not deserve to share the wifi network between VOIP terminals, currently only serve for voice.



  • Yealink W53H: A high performance SIP cordless phone. Solution for small and medium businesses. Synchronizes a total of 8 W53H handsets to enjoy mobility and flexibility.


Outstanding features

  • Compact design
  • Using Handsfree
  • Intuitive color display.
  • Connection for 3.5mm jack headphones
  • Long battery life
  • Has backlit keys
  • Allows 3-way conferencing
  • 2 simultaneous calls
  • Compatible to synchronize up to 8 terminals yealink W53H

3) Custom developments, with a platform (Device Management Platform) that allows managing devices using management tools, implementation and troubleshooting.

Yealink T48S: This yealink terminal offers the following functions:



  • Certified to use Skype for business
  • Up to 16 accounts with protocols: SIP, WITH PoE, WITHOUT PSU
  • Codec Opus, HD codec G.722
  • USB 2.0 Ports
  • 7″ colour touch screen with 800×480 pixels
  • 29 keys for direct dialling
  • Has HD speaker and headphones
  • 2 Ethernet connections (LAN)
  • Compatibility with: YHS33 headset, Bluetooth (BT40 dongle), WIFI (WF40 dongle), EHS36, EXP40 expansion module.
  • Allows two adjustable angles for mounting.



Yealink Management Cloud Service is available to simplify device management.

4) Discontinued Yealink terminals continue to be supported after sales.

5) They sell accessories.



Advanced Generation Range


Yealink T2 series terminals (Yealink T21E2 Terminal, Yealink T21PE2 Terminal, Yealink T23G Terminal, Yealink T27G Terminal, Yealink T29G Terminal) are advanced equipment. These yealink terminals are the representation of the latest generation in telephony, so that the customer’s experience is pleasant.

Yealink T29G: Advanced gamma phone that has 16 accounts for SIP communication, WITH PoE, WITHOUT PSU, its graphic screen is 3.6″ 240x120pixels, with backlight, has two colored line keys, with up to 27 functions to program. HD speaker and headphones, with 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch, its compatibility with YHS33 headphones, Bluetooth (BT40 dongle), WIFI (WF40 dongle), EHS36, EXP20 expansion module is proven.

Confidentiality is a strong point in all yealink terminals, protecting all users from electronic espionage.





What do Yealink terminals offer?

The Yealink terminals stand out for a wide range of functions and features, among them we have:


  • Compatibility of TIA920 (Telecommunications Industry Association) 920 compliant accessories. Allowing savings in accessory costs.
  • We always have available consultancies and technical support, which help to solve our inconveniences.
  • yealink terminals are created to meet the high expectations of users.
  • Appearance, efficiency and comfort is a highlight of all yealink terminals.
  • Prices are competitive.
  • They work well and with virtual pbx support.
  • They can be combined with telephone exchanges for Call-Centers solutions.


SME videoconferences thanks to yealink terminals.

The videoconferences allow to shorten distances and above all to save costs, the terminals Yealink allows solutions to low costs for Pyme.