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Yealink terminals: the communicative solution within your company

Having an office means maintaining constant telecommunications between employees, departments and managers. The ideal solution to this need is the acquisition of Yealink terminals, the most advanced at present. There is also the alternative of using grandstream gateways.

Perhaps these are technical teams that many entrepreneurs do not know, but they do need.


The Yealink terminal fully communicates to us

VoIP phones can make phone calls from an IP network. This particular feature makes these devices do more than traditional phones.

For example, these devices have phone number identifier and can also transfer calls.


Grandstream gateways: the other option


call center software crm virtual pbx

Another way to have a phone connected by IP is through grandstream gateways. These devices make it possible to communicate the telephones of an entire office. In this way, all departments are interconnected.

Our choice depends on our budget for internal communication. There are Yealink terminals with few functions, in order to lower their cost. Of course, some prefer to buy grandstream gateways and maintain their traditional phones.

In Neotel you will be able to buy this type of indispensable articles to keep your company interconnected. There you can buy virtual pbx’s and call center software. In this way they focus on meeting the needs of those companies that work in the area of customer service. Here you will not only find good prices. You will also have specialists in the world of telecommunications willing to advise you when you need it most.

Leaving this task in the hands of experts will give more profitability to your company and less expenses will be produced.


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Trust in Neotel

Currently there are many companies that offer products and services in IP telephony and virtual pbx’s (including all devices that operate in this medium) but few offer security, trust and added value support and availability, Neotel is one of those few companies that offer you the best in the VoIP environment such as virtual switchboards, CRM software, Gateways and so on.

Neotel distributes Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways which are indisputable leaders in the market with products such as terminals Yealink T23G, T27G, T40G or Grandstream Gateway as the GXW4108, GXW4216 or the GXW4248 but little by little we will talk about them to know all their advantages and features.

Neotel is registered as part of the company Neotel 2000 SL which is registered in the CNMC with a special focus in the area of telecommunications especially as Operator of telephone services and since its inception Neotel aims to provide each of its customers the best solutions in terminals Yealink and Grandstream Gateway being aware of the need for small, medium and large companies to have within their infrastructure the best alternatives to access the world of Internet calls and what better option to use than the hundreds of products offered by Neotel, and an additional plus is that with us you will have free telephone support 365 days a year for each of the customers.

Because you can fully trust Neotel, well, there are many reasons, perhaps one of many is the amount of products you can find as:



data center products



hire line 900

Each of these has a special guideline for each segment so that if you buy it you will not only have one of the best products (speaking of hardware) but also one of the best support attentions.


wertc line

Each of these has a special guideline for each segment so that if you buy it you will not only have one of the best products (speaking of hardware) but also one of the best support attentions.


Neotel third party software integration

You know, for all IP telephony solutions do not hesitate to contact Neotel as you will have the best support and service.

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Yealink terminals and grandstream gateways evolve the way they communicate

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to maintain close communication with their customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through call centers. To ensure the proper functioning and reduce operating costs of these centers, companies can occupy devices such as Yealink terminals and grandstream gateways. If you are not very familiar with these issues, we invite you to continue reading this article, because we will explain to you what each of these concepts are.

In the first place, it is worth mentioning that call centers operate on the primacy of providing a means of communication between companies and customers and suppliers. Some function as a customer service center, to provide advice or help of any kind. In this case, they are called incoming call centers, because it is mainly the clients who contact the call center. On the other hand, there is also the modality of sceptres of outgoing calls, whose purpose is usually to contact the largest number of potential customers. However, technology has changed the way these centers work.


The Yealink terminals and the location of call centers

Traditionally, staff working in call centers were gathered in the same geographic location, as in a room adapted for this purpose. But technology has evolved this way of working. And it is at this point where Yealink terminals play an important role.

llamadas por ip

Yealink terminals are basically IP phones. And what is an IP phone? It is a device that allows you to make calls using the Internet through a virtual pbx, instead of the ordinary telephone network. This allows to reduce the cost of billing for telephony.

But it also has other advantages, such as the ease of linking calls to almost anywhere. For example, with Yealink terminals it is possible to link received calls with an employee or a partner who is located in another geographical area. This means that if the call center is in Spain, you can easily link the call to be answered by your partner in South America (for example).



virtual pbx

But what if you don’t have an IP phone and you don’t want to invest in acquiring some, and you already have many traditional phones? In that case, you can use the grandstream gateways. What are they and how do they work?

Grandstream gateways adapted to analogue telephones

telefonía ip

Grandstream gateways are devices (hardware) that allow an ordinary telephone to be converted into an IP telephone. With this, you can use it to make calls using a virtual switchboard. This is especially useful if you already have the common equipment of call centers. Without needing to renew all your equipment, you can use VoIP services, or IP voice calls.

As you can notice, besides reducing costs, Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways allow our business to evolve and be at the forefront of technology.


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Terminals Yealink and Grandstream Gateways: VoIP calls easily

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and communications are not left behind, fixed telephony adapts to the evolution by offering calls in VoIP protocol, being able to use Yealink terminals as an option, or if on the contrary you do not want to change your traditional phones you can get a grandstream gateway to adapt the functionality of these as if they were ip phones.

Yealink Terminals


Yealink terminals represent the next generation of telephones, designed to meet the needs of users and businesses.

Their interface is new. They have a high quality, HD definition and headphones, high resolution screens and ease of configuration.


Yealink Terminal Models


In the market there is a great variety of yealink terminals, which can be adapted to the needs of everyone, here the best options:

Yealink T29G Terminals


This Yealink terminal is new, offering up to 16 SIP accounts, 240 by 120 pixels graphic screen and wifi and bluetooth compatibility.


Yealink T46S Terminals


The Yealink T46S terminal offers the ability to make business meetings via Skype, its screen is 4.3″, wall mount supports the Opus codec.


Yealink T48S Terminals


This model of Yealink terminals presents a touch screen to make easier the work of a size of 7″ with 800×480 pixels.

Grandstream Gateways


If you already have a large analogue telephone infrastructure the best option is to integrate Grandstream Gateways.

With its different series, models and designs Grandstream Gateways allows you to link lines or PBXs to the VoIP network.

Small and medium enterprises can manage costs by creating cabling-free environments.


Grandstream Gateways Models


A wide variety of grandstream gateway models are currently available to choose from to best suit all your needs:

Grandstream Gateway GXW4216


This Granstream Gateway offers up to 16 ports for telephone connections (RJ11) and one connector (included) Telco


Grandstream Gateway GXW4104


This Grandstream Gateway device offers up to two RTB line connections and 4 getaway device connections.

Grandstream Gateway GXW4224


The grandstream Gateway GXW4224 offers 24 RJ11 connections and a Telco connector (pins) which is included when purchasing the equipment.

In conclusion you can join the VoIP world with any of these products.


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Neotel Virtual PBX’s

In a world where technology is growing non-stop, it is ideal that you and I are on a par with it, these advances integrate many aspects and one of the most striking is related to the way we communicate and that is why today we find the virtual pbx’s.

What is a virtual pbx, if you skip that doubt do not worry that Neotel has the answer for you, a virtual pbx is nothing more than an IP telephony system through which we will be able to have multiple phones and / or extensions independent of whether they are fixed or mobile, this translates into availability anywhere, when you purchase a virtual switchboard you have advantages such as:


  • Saving money
  • Accessible maintenance
  • To have extensions as mobile as fixed

Neotel reminds you that telephony, being based on the IP protocol, can integrate both voice and data in the same network.

If you are interested in acquiring a virtual switchboard, Neotel has for you both Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways and this because Neotel focuses on two key aspects that are:

  • Sale of virtual switchboards
  • Sale of software focused on Call Center

Neotel offers support, configuration and assistance at all times to bring quality products in both Yealink terminals and Grandsream Gateways.



If you want to be in the world of IP telephony, but do not have the means to purchase an IP phone, Neotel offers you the Gateway which is a machine which connects to a traditional phone converts it into an IP phone, for this Neotel offers Grandstream Gateways as the GXW4104, the GXW4108 or the GXW4216.

telefonía ip

Now, if your plan is to acquire any of the Yealink terminals, Neotel offers you solutions like the Yealink T19E2, the Yealink T21E2 or the Yealink T27G.

Thus, Neotel is in step with the growth of technology offering quality products, reliability and above all comprehensive performance that will undoubtedly make communications much more centralized thanks to the use of Yealink terminals or the implementation of a Grandstream Gateway.


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Yealink VoIP – Your complete solution

Looking for a potential terminal to boost your business? Yealink terminals are the perfect choice.

Compared to other suppliers, Yealink has a lot to offer. As a result, most companies are including a combination of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway in their business. If you want to boost your business, some of the main benefits of getting Yealink Terminals are as follows:

Yealink IP phones based on the SIP standard are easy to register with any of the legitimate IP PBX servers. This also allows features such as multimedia calling, extension-toextension dialing and video calling.

Phones come with a plug-and-play deployment feature that makes them easy to operate. You can choose any general model of Yealink IP phone for IP-PBX system and work with massive deployment to save time and human resources.

Yealink IP phones can easily work with PBX functions, which helps create a wide range of full playback functions.

There are several Yealink phones that once included in the business can help drive the entire operation. Some of the models you can include are Yealink T19E2, Yealink T21E2, Yealink T40G, and Yealink T41S.

Including the right Yealink terminal in your business can help generate significant momentum. You should buy the system from professionals so you can get the best value for your business.

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About Yealink

Although we have a lot to offer at the Neotel Store, we will focus primarily on Yealink terminals and Grandstream gateways. But please feel free to browse through our category of accessories where we have several devices in the store, such as power adapters and other yealink devices.

What are Yealink terminals?

The Yealink brand offers communication and business collaboration solutions that include videoconferencing service integrated into their terminals to companies around the world. Communication is facilitated by the use of VoIP phones and videoconferencing. Yealink also has a Skype line for business certified phones.

Reasons why you need one:

  • Helps overcome the challenges of physical distance by improving both external and internal communications and collaborations. Therefore, it is correct to say that your business will not only save time but also unnecessary travel expenses.
  • Yealink IP phones offer class-leading features at very competitive prices. Yealink video conferencing systems offer HD video and extended features without licensing.

Grandstream gateways

The Grandstream Gateway is designed for small and medium businesses, allowing them to integrate the outdated telephone system into a Voiceover IP network. This keeps communication costs low, as well as increasing security protection and improving productivity.

Why buy Grandstream Gateway?

  • It’s a great all-in-one voice communication solution for companies providing fax + video + data communication services.
  • Interconnect telephone lines in remote areas over the Internet for easy configuration and installation.
  • The video port option can also be used as a stand-alone gateway for IP communication.

How about checking out our devices and models in our categories? It’s as easy as clicking and adding it to your shopping cart.

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Everything you need to know about call center software

The call center software is a product that handles all business conversations over the phone. If you have telephone equipment, you can configure your call center software to handle incoming calls, load scripts for the telephone equipment and more. Most businesses today are using Yealink terminals to facilitate the call handling process.

Call center agents are an important part of your business that will stay connected to you through the software. In addition, they will use it to engage with your potential customers. One essential thing to keep in mind is that these VoIP servers have an important role to play. Whenever you start your call center business, you need to focus not only on the software, but also on your gateways and terminals for better performance.

You need to be connected to your customers for extreme performance. You can use different communication channels such as social media, live chat and email to keep in touch with your customers.

Some of the outstanding benefits of call center software include the following

  • Better customer service
    You can contact Neotel’s experts to get better customer service for your business. If your customer needs your help, he will first contact the call center.
  • Improved reporting capabilities
    One of the software’s highlights, reports can help business owners and managers create a strategy that’s right for their business. Reporting functions are often associated with management in terms of sales growth rates, case categories, and revenue per call.

call center software

At Neotel, you can get a wide range of beneficial Yealink terminals for your business. The Yealink T23G is one of the most outstanding products offering full support of the professional team.

Apart from that, you can also buy some Grandstream Gateways for your business. The Grandstream Gateway GXW4248 can help you keep in touch with your customers without any network disruption.