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Functions of Yealink terminals

Yealink has positioned itself as one of the world’s best suppliers of TOP SIP phones in the IP segment by designing and delivering high quality products with the best market standards.

Yealink has developed high technology VoIP terminals where we find products such as IP video phones, IP phones and USB phones and Yealink terminals have been catalogued as one of the best options in this field and today we will talk about why this distinction.

Yealink terminals are distributed in segments as they are:


  • IP Terminals
  • IP DECT Terminals
  • USB Terminals
  • Video conferencing terminals

Within this range we highlight Yealink terminals such as T19E2, T21E2, T23G, T27G and more than 10 additional options.

But the question arises about what makes the difference in Yealink terminals to be one of the leaders in the VoIP segment, and the answer is more than clear because having a wide portfolio of products you find Yealink terminals from EUR 47 to EUR 104 but each integrates what is necessary for IP communication is the best possible.

Each of the Yealink terminals is composed of functions such as:


  • Official Skype Business Certificate
  • Graphical display from resolutions such as 132 x 64-pixel up to 2.7 – 192 x 64-pixels
  • In some terminals you will find two-color line keys within which we can have 15 programmable functions and integrates 4 softkeys
  • IPv6 support
  • Compatible with 2xLAN 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch
  • Compatible with YHS33 headset, Bluetooth (dongle BT40), WIFI (dongle WF40), EHS36 (only on some terminals such as Yealink T41S)
  • Opus codec support
  • Wall mounting
  • On some terminals there are 7 function keys: message, headset, standby, mute, transfer, redial, speakerphone free



There are some terminals, the ones registered in the segment of the Yealink IP DECT terminals, like the Yealink W60P or the Yealink W56H which have special functions like:

  • Full duplex speaker integration
  • Lithium-Io battery which offers fast charging, up to 30 hours of talk time and up to 400 hours of standby time.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • RT10/RT20 compatibility
  • In some terminals we have a range of up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors.

Yealink terminals are the latest generation of VoIP phones that have been designed and developed with a focus on business users who are looking for not only elegant equipment but the best in voice transmission, continuous support, extra hardware functionalities and best of all, knowing that they carry a product that is backed by a company like Yealink which has been in the market for more than 15 years with the best products.

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Yealink VoIP – Your complete solution

Looking for a potential terminal to boost your business? Yealink terminals are the perfect choice.

Compared to other suppliers, Yealink has a lot to offer. As a result, most companies are including a combination of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway in their business. If you want to boost your business, some of the main benefits of getting Yealink Terminals are as follows:

Yealink IP phones based on the SIP standard are easy to register with any of the legitimate IP PBX servers. This also allows features such as multimedia calling, extension-toextension dialing and video calling.

Phones come with a plug-and-play deployment feature that makes them easy to operate. You can choose any general model of Yealink IP phone for IP-PBX system and work with massive deployment to save time and human resources.

Yealink IP phones can easily work with PBX functions, which helps create a wide range of full playback functions.

There are several Yealink phones that once included in the business can help drive the entire operation. Some of the models you can include are Yealink T19E2, Yealink T21E2, Yealink T40G, and Yealink T41S.

Including the right Yealink terminal in your business can help generate significant momentum. You should buy the system from professionals so you can get the best value for your business.