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Yealink terminals: the communicative solution within your company

Having an office means maintaining constant telecommunications between employees, departments and managers. The ideal solution to this need is the acquisition of Yealink terminals, the most advanced at present. There is also the alternative of using grandstream gateways.

Perhaps these are technical teams that many entrepreneurs do not know, but they do need.


The Yealink terminal fully communicates to us

VoIP phones can make phone calls from an IP network. This particular feature makes these devices do more than traditional phones.

For example, these devices have phone number identifier and can also transfer calls.


Grandstream gateways: the other option


call center software crm virtual pbx

Another way to have a phone connected by IP is through grandstream gateways. These devices make it possible to communicate the telephones of an entire office. In this way, all departments are interconnected.

Our choice depends on our budget for internal communication. There are Yealink terminals with few functions, in order to lower their cost. Of course, some prefer to buy grandstream gateways and maintain their traditional phones.

In Neotel you will be able to buy this type of indispensable articles to keep your company interconnected. There you can buy virtual pbx’s and call center software. In this way they focus on meeting the needs of those companies that work in the area of customer service. Here you will not only find good prices. You will also have specialists in the world of telecommunications willing to advise you when you need it most.

Leaving this task in the hands of experts will give more profitability to your company and less expenses will be produced.