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Companies can purchase their telephone devices from Neotel

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There has been a lot of talk about IP telephony in the business media lately. In fact, this technology has become a necessity for large corporations worldwide. As a communication system, this alternative stands out for being economical, efficient, innovative and the best thing is that it requires little investment in most cases.

Of course, there are some implements that companies will have to buy to switch to IP telephony. However, their cost is usually very low for the benefit that will be obtained. The good news is that Neotel has all the accessories and devices needed to make the leap in quality. Similarly, this post will serve to understand how cheap it is to migrate communications.

IP telephony and the advantage of using it


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IP telephony is the new strategy used by companies worldwide to reduce their communication costs. Basically, the idea is to support all telephone communication through a broadband connection. This means that even telephone calls are made over the Internet. In reality, implementing this strategy lowers costs among other things.

Implementing IP telephony is usually much cheaper than maintaining both Internet and telephone lines separately. Of course, both communication systems can be maintained, but the idea is to use the broadband connection to a greater extent. It should be noted that this also makes it possible to unify all communication, which can be very useful on a commercial level and also for checking work within a company.

In principle, what is required is to have a virtual PBX software. However, from this point on, the devices in an office can be transformed so that everything works over the Internet. Although this sounds problematic, the reality is that it is very simple and cheaper than anyone would think.

What does it take to move to IP telephony?

Up until about two decades ago, improving communication involved heavy costs for companies. Back then, having a call center meant setting up a data center with expensive servers, infrastructure and all kinds of technological devices. The businessman had to adapt to the technology and not the other way around. Having good communications implied a sum of money that only the largest companies could afford.

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Learning from this experience, it was precisely the large companies that moved more quickly to IP telephony. This is because they understood how cheap it is to support telephone communications under Internet protocol. Investments went from hundreds of thousands of euros to only thousands. The best thing is that tools such as virtual PBX software have much more advanced add-ons.

Perhaps the most important question at the moment is how much does the migration to IP telephony cost? In addition to hiring the virtual PBX, which can be adapted to the expense of each entrepreneur and company, the answer to this question is, it depends. That is to say that, in each company, this can vary greatly. In fact, everything will depend on the devices available.

IP Telephony: What equipment do you have?

Once you have the virtual PBX software, the next thing to do is to check what devices you have. Call centers are managed with computers, but the rest of the office should also use IP telephony. In this order of ideas, the main thing is to verify what telephone devices are in the company that wants to migrate to this technology.

The best thing about IP telephony is that you can even work with some telephones of a certain age. There are accessories and devices that allow these devices to work with broadband connection. In other words, part of the technological leap lies precisely in the ability of this technology to adapt to companies.

Depending on what they have, companies will have to invest in telephone equipment and some devices. Of course, this is much cheaper than building a data center with servers inside the office. Everything will also depend on what each businessman wants for his company.

The best thing about IP telephony is that it gives you alternatives.

yealink -53H

While traditional telephone communication systems were inevitably expensive, IP telephony provides alternatives. In fact, part of its cost-effectiveness and convenience lies in the fact that you can choose a basic service, or a more expensive one. The same is true of telephone devices and accessories: there will always be one that suits the budget and needs of each business owner.

For example, a company that needs to buy business phones can choose between a simple model with transfer options, or a phone with an LED screen for videoconferencing. The differences between the two products can be significant, but at the end of the day all companies will be able to purchase a device that allows them to operate with IP telephony.

For example, a Yealink W53H cordless phone costs €70.90, as opposed to a Yealink VP59 videophone with a large full HD display. The best thing is that the creators of this type of devices create different product segments, precisely so that each company can measure its investment and count on the devices.

Old-fashioned phones: That’s what Grandstream Gateways is for.

As noted above, IP telephony can also work with long-standing phones. Certainly, there are very outdated phones that cannot work with this technology. But many that were even built before the advent of this technology can implement the broadband connection thanks to some very versatile devices: Grandstream Gateways.

This means that many companies will be able to work with the telephone devices they previously had in their offices. In order to do so, they will only have to buy grandstream gateways, which at their maximum value can cost around 799 €, which means having 48 telephone ports at their disposal. However, if the company is much smaller, the price of this component can be as low as €325, or even less.

A small company that only has four desktop phone devices might be able to run with €199 grandstream gateways. If they have their phones in a certain configuration, buying this type of device will allow them to operate normally over the Internet. The good news is that many of the devices they created even from the 90’s, can work from this formula.

There is no point of comparison

Creating a data center with servers could cost as much as $20,000 just to get started. Some of the largest companies had to invest millions to have a modern, secure and reliable communication system. With IP telephony and virtual PBX, you can do a lot for less than 1,000 euros. This is precisely the magic of the Internet.

An entrepreneur with a small business could start with much less than that. The best thing is that he could have advanced telemarketing and customer service modules, with a very small investment. This is ideal for freelancers, family businesses and ecommerce stores. In fact, any business can plan their budget, maintain excellent communication and upgrade.

Neotel is a company known for offering its innovative virtual PBX, at competitive prices and with advanced functionalities. But we also have a virtual store where you can buy all the equipment and accessories needed to migrate to IP telephony successfully and at very attractive prices.

What is in the Neotel store?

Neotel’s online store offers three types of physical products for telephone communication in the office. The catalog features various types of Yealink terminals oriented for business work. From simple, cordless desk phones to high-tech equipment suitable for videoconferencing, with internet connection and modern screens.

Secondly, Neotel offers grandstream gateways, useful for transforming traditional telephone line communication into a broadband connection. In the catalog there are different models, with the intention of covering the demand of each type of company.

Thirdly, we offer a series of complementary accessories useful for IP telephony and for business telephone communication. From phone and battery chargers, bases, special cables, connectors and some other things that are very useful when migrating to this technology. At Neotel, we offer both the software and the virtual PBX service, as well as physical elements for communication.

The migration to IP telephony is valued by the most prestigious companies as a necessary step. Doing so improves control over communication, marketing, customer service and resources to keep the company’s operations at the highest level. Communication is everything and at Neotel we have everything you need to develop it successfully.