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What do you need to upgrade your call center? Yealink terminals and other options

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Many call centers still operate under a scheme that has already been superseded. This would be the use of a physical PBX with analog devices and a telephone line. Those who wonder to what extent customer service departments have been upgraded should know that everything has changed. To be precise, the changes are substantial and have come to make everything easier and cheaper.

Today’s contact center runs on IP telephony. Calls go in and out from an Internet connection, which is much more economical. Similarly, today’s call center software is hosted in the cloud and run on the network. This will lead many entrepreneurs to ask a logical question: How can you migrate to this technology?

There are different ways to migrate to IP telephony

Having a call center that works with IP telephony allows us to abandon the physical servers, the team of IT engineers and other things that generate many expenses. And although it will be necessary to upgrade some equipment or adopt a device, the cost is very low.

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The only thing that any company should do before making the technological leap is to check the equipment available in the office. By knowing this information, it is possible to choose the easiest way to adopt IP telephony. In some cases, companies prefer to buy Yealink terminals. These are telephones designed to be connected to the Internet.

There are also companies that prefer to adapt their traditional telephone equipment to continue using them. In fact, this is possible by purchasing a Grandstream Gateways. This device allows analog telephones to operate over the Internet. In this way, you can maintain a hybrid communications system: analog and VoIP.

At Neotel we have everything you need to upgrade your call center.

At Neotel we sell the best Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways. The product catalog has different models with different prices and capacities. Companies and entrepreneurs can buy the equipment that best suits their needs.

Similarly, Neotel’s digital store offers some of the necessary accessories for installation and communication. There you can find electricity and WIFI adapters, USB cameras, headsets with microphones and other similar implements. Everything that can complement the call center management can be found in our catalog.

For example, one of the most striking accessories is the IP repeater. This implement allows to amplify the range of the WIFI signal. The objective is that the Internet connection can cover every space in the office. There are many products that can facilitate the use of communication systems that work with VoIP telephony.

Thinking about the best solution

Taking a look at the product catalog allows potential buyers to familiarize themselves with this technology. It is important to research each implement in order to make the best technological migration. Prices are affordable and everything can be complemented with the virtual PBX service.