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Grandstream Gateways: integrating inexpensive enterprise IP Telephony

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to manage business communication with great effectiveness. It can be used on smartphones and computers. However, this technology has the great advantage that it can also be adjusted to fixed telephones, even some of them of a certain age. To do this, only small devices are needed: Grandstream Gateways.

Grandstream Gateways

This is why the virtual PBX can unify the entire communication of any company, regardless of its size. This type of software is not only useful for creating customer service centers and, in fact, this technology can also be used to support internal communication. It makes your telephone communications cheaper with a very low investment.

Virtual PBX: the IP telephony channel

The virtual PBX allows to supervise all the communication of a company, as it happens for example with a call center. We know that this program has modules and applications that are very useful for developing marketing strategies and improving the quality of customer service. But many companies acquire this type of software for a fundamental reason: it allows the use of IP telephony.

IP telephony is a type of technology that allows all communication to be supported by a broadband connection. The common denominator of the most outdated companies is to use telephones through traditional lines. Today, it is possible to make business calls using the Internet.

The best thing is that it is possible to take advantage of a company’s desk phones and make them work over an Internet connection. It would seem that a lot of money would need to be invested in buying state-of-the-art phones to do this. To tell the truth, buying fixed or enterprise devices is not necessary in most cases, in order to adapt IP telephony to the company’s equipment. This is where Grandstream Gateways come in.

Grandstream Gateways: integrating telephone communication

The Grandstream Gateways is a device whose function is basically to allow fixed telephones to work with IP telephony. It provides the necessary connection support to connect the equipment to a broadband connection. Remember that many telephone sets do not even have a special type of connector for Internet cable.

Grandstream Gateways allow us to use a fixed office telephone and the call to be made through an Internet connection. The great thing about this device is that a single unit can accommodate a number of telephone sets. Some are larger than others, and it is precisely on this fact that the cost will depend.

Another very positive aspect is that even some models of long-standing telephone equipment can work with this technology. In fact, there are telephones dating back to the 90’s that can operate with the Internet thanks to Grandstream Gateways. In other words, a company can even take advantage of its old equipment, avoiding investing too much money in upgrades. This is one of the great advantages of both IP telephony and this device: both are adaptive.

PBX service generates positive aspects in the company

Hiring a PBX or virtual PBX service makes communication cheaper, while allowing control over it. A company or entrepreneur who hires this type of software can know how the entire flow of incoming and outgoing calls occurs in their business. By being able to use equipment such as Grandstream Gateways, they will be able to take advantage of previously purchased telephone equipment.

In other words, the PBX is the equivalent of upgrading the company without making an uphill investment. To get an idea, a Grandstream Gateways device with 16 ports can cost as much as 325 euros. And depending on the needs of each company, you can buy this type of equipment with more or fewer ports. Everything will depend on the number of telephones used in each enterprise.

In this way, a company can ensure that all its communications are supported by a broadband Internet connection. Hiring a virtual switchboard is also usually very economical. At Neotel, we offer you both the PBX and a store where you can buy implements such as Grandstream Gateways at bargain prices.

Planning the business update

With Neotel a small or medium sized company can upgrade its communications with a low budget. Our virtual PBX plans start from less than 200 euros per month and we can also advise you on what equipment to incorporate to adapt the IP telephony in a very economical way and taking advantage of your previous inventory. In addition, our software is innovative and allows you to use marketing tools as useful as the progressive dialer or the robot call. If you want to know more about this, check out our page.

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Gateway grandstream: Hybrid telephony solution

There is still doubt whether having an IP PBX in place or a cloud-based PBX, which is the best choice? Features, performance and costs will be the key when selecting our option, always thinking about the needs of the company.


Brief history of Grandstream Networks


Grandstream Networks was founded in 2002 in the United States with the objective of becoming the leading manufacturer of voice/video telephony/video surveillance systems in Internet protocols.

centralita ip

The products are based on standard SIP protocol, offering the broadest interoperability in the industry.

Corporate Structure

This privately owned company has more than 400 employees worldwide.

Its Corporate mission is to become the provider of system innovations in voice/video/video communication/IP surveillance for SMBs and consumers worldwide.



Types of switchboards and their functions

In the business communications market, three types of switchboards stand out: analogue, digital and IP PBX’s.

Analogue switchboard:



They are based on analog technology, calls are switched and redirected to the recipient through the electronics of this switchboard (small switches). Phones are usually simpler and connect with an RJ9 connector (two wires).

They use basic lines (RTB) for outdoor connection. Its price is cheaper with rather limited functionality, require outside physical line for each call.

Digital switchboard:

At present, most PBXs are of this type (digital). In a technical way it can be said that they are similar to a server (computer), the calls are managed transforming them to data (1 and 0s).

A switchboard has the ability to support several types of input lines (ISDN, RTB, GSM, fax, modem, among others).

The terminals to be connected must be digital (they are connected through an RJ11 or RJ 45 cable). They merit as well as analogical switchboard to have the wiring in the office.

IP switchboard:

IP PBXs are the most advanced and modern solution available. They are very similar to digital switchboards (they manage data with 1 and 0) their standard is IP communication (just like Internet data).

Thus, sharing office Internet networks (Ethernet) as well as external networks that connect everyone.

This system allows sharing Internet networks, including computers, through any Ethernet connection.




Why choose an IP PBX?


When we talk about the reasons for choosing an on-site PBX we are not going to have any other answer than control.


Who doesn’t like to have control?


Advantages of Gateway Grandstream


There are a number of advantages when we decide to have an IP PBX, among which stand out:


  • Long-term money savings, lower recurring rates with many more features and customization capabilities.
  • Features, resources and integrations are leveraged.
  • Redundant and high availability solution (important if your company provides continuous service).
  • Guaranteed security: manages, monitors and controls the security of the system.
  • Great integration capacity with CRMs, PMSs and call centers.


Comparison of the best Gateway Grandstream options


Below is a comparison table with the best options for an IP PBX available on the market.


FXO Ports4 analog lines8 analogue lines16 telephone ports (RJ11) 50-pin Telco connector24 telephone ports (RJ11) 50-pin Telco connector2 Telco 50-pin connectors
Surveillance PortAnalogYes1 Gigabit Ethernet.1 Gigabit Ethernet.1 Gigabit Ethernet.
Electricity supplyExternalExternalAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
RJ-45 PortsTwo portsTwo portsOne PortOne PortOne Port
SIP AccountsThree accountsThree accounts2 SIP profiles, 1 account per port2 SIP profiles, 1 account per port4 SIP profiles, 1 account per port
Caller IDYesYesYesYesYes
Firmware UpdateBy TFTP and HTTPBy TFTP and HTTPBy TFTP and HTTPBy TFTP and HTTPBy TFTP and HTTP
Dialing StagesTwoTwoTwoTwoTwo
Port Video InYesYesYesYesYes
Other specificationsResponse to small businesses with branches or remote offices.

With web connection can be

Response to small businesses with branches or remote offices.

With web connection can be used as video surveillance

New generation of high density compatible with SIP standard.

Advanced security by AES encryption

New generation of high density compatible with SIP standard.

Advanced security by AES encryption

New generation of high density compatible with SIP standard.

Advanced security by AES encryption


Why implement hybrid VoIP solutions?

There are many reasons to go from a traditional telephony (analog) to a digital (SIP, VoIP), we name below only three by which you should implement in your business.


  1. Investment


Tight budgets can make it difficult to make a complete infrastructure change when it comes to changing telephony altogether.

A granstream gateway can simultaneously connect analog phones and IP PBXs to deliver the benefits of SIP technology.



  1. Lack of availability


In some geographic regions the bandwidth is reduced, preventing to obtain a SIP connection to migrate completely to digital telephony.

With grandstream gateway you can build a 100% IP network internally and connect it to analog trunks.



  1. Massive deployments of analog telephony.


Many residential phones are based on analog technology and refuse to switch to digital technology.

Creating a smooth transition to allow users to continue using analog devices will be the best way to address this problem.



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Features of the GXW4104/4108 Grandstream Gateway Series

Grandstream Gateways are synonymous with reliability, security and scalability. Thanks to each of their products, it will be possible to develop and implement a communications network that can operate in conjunction with multiple analog devices with a simple configuration.

Today we will talk about the Grandstream Gateway GXW4104 and 4108 which have been developed with small and medium enterprises in mind. Their objective is to be able to integrate current PSTN lines through an IP PBX system or also with a traditional telephone system in order to avoid incurring extra expenses.

These two Gateways are IP Gateway devices with advanced technology with which we can make an integral communication between all users using IP-PBXs, Softswitches or existing SIP platforms.

With the Grandstream Gateways GXW410x series we find two models that are the GXW4104 (4 ports) and the GXW4108 (8 ports), and each of them stands out for its high quality voice and video, frequent functions of analog PBX telephony and simplicity in the installation process.



Some of the Grandstream Gateway GXW4104 or GXW4108 are compatible with multiple caller ID formats, have PSTN hotline, are compatible with T.38 fax which allows sending a fax over IP and have an advanced security SRTP.

Neotel offers these two Grandstream Gateways so that the possibility of implementation and development of communication activities is as complete as possible because within their general characteristics we find:


  • At voice port level the GXW4104 has 4 FXO and the GXW4108 has 8 FXO.
  • Offer two 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports
  • Its phone interface is FXO and RJ11
  • Both have On/Off switch
  • Offer features such as G.168 Line Echo Cancel, Dynamic Jitter Buffer, Hanging Tone Detection and integrate automatic switching to G.711
  • IP signalling is based on SIP (RFC 3261)
  • At signaling level PSTN are based on FXO Loop-start
  • Offers G.711, G.723, G.729A/B, GSM, G.726 standards for voice compression
  • Integrates Diffserve, TOS, 802.1P/Q VLAN tagging functions at QoS level
  • IP transport is regulated by RTP/RTCP and PPPoE
  • We can create up to two different accounts and profiles
  • Rack, wall or desk mounting possible
  • Caller ID on both Grandstream Gateway is Bellcore Type 1 and 2, ETSI, BT, NTT and CID based on DTMF.
  • TFTP and HTTP provisioning available
  • Supports Syslog, HTTPS and Telnet, additional Gateway administration can be performed remotely using a current web browser
  • UL safety available
  • With reverse polarity

Both the Grandstream Gateway GXW4104 and GXW4108 are ideal solutions for small and medium businesses with growth and competitive prospects.

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Everything you need to know about Gateways

Gateways have become an important part of the VoIP industry. The VoIP gateway acts as a bridge between the general telephone system and the advanced VoIP. This new technology has helped many companies make the revolution. As a result, most companies are including it because of the extreme profitability.

The transition from old phones to gateways has proven to be extremely useful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high quality brand, such as Grandstream Gateway, that can provide you with quality service without any interruption.


What is a VoIP gateway?

A gateway is known as a device that transforms the normal phone into an Internet-based phone to facilitate the call process. Therefore, with small changes, the phone has several additional features such as call transfer and even video chat in some cases.


VoIP gateways work very easily, as the source of traffic is extremely necessary. A VoIP gateway not only converts the general phone into an Internet-based phone, but also digital IP packets into TDM technology. A protocol and a codec play an important role in the correct functioning of the gateway. However, compatibility is also one of the essential factors to consider.

Gateway Types

Normally there are two types of Gateway, the analog and the digital. Each has its own functions and benefits.

  • Analog: Connects traditional phone and VoIP phone system or VoIP phone and PSTN.
  • Digital: The connection between digital voice lines and VoIP telephony systems is made through digital gateways.

Grandstream Gateway Features

The Grandstream Gateway is one of the most popular gateways in the call center industry. Some of the most advanced features of the gateway are call routing, control signaling, fax compression and depression, among others.

The inclusion of Grandstream Gateway as Grandstream Gateway GXW4104, Grandstream Gateway GXW4216 in your business can play an important role in increasing productivity. Not only is it flexible, it’s also extremely affordable to fit your budget. So, instead of buying a completely new terminal or PBX system, you can use your existing phone, which again is very easy to use.