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Companies can purchase their telephone devices from Neotel

yealink -53H

There has been a lot of talk about IP telephony in the business media lately. In fact, this technology has become a necessity for large corporations worldwide. As a communication system, this alternative stands out for being economical, efficient, innovative and the best thing is that it requires little investment in most cases.

Of course, there are some implements that companies will have to buy to switch to IP telephony. However, their cost is usually very low for the benefit that will be obtained. The good news is that Neotel has all the accessories and devices needed to make the leap in quality. Similarly, this post will serve to understand how cheap it is to migrate communications.

IP telephony and the advantage of using it


virtual pbx

IP telephony is the new strategy used by companies worldwide to reduce their communication costs. Basically, the idea is to support all telephone communication through a broadband connection. This means that even telephone calls are made over the Internet. In reality, implementing this strategy lowers costs among other things.

Implementing IP telephony is usually much cheaper than maintaining both Internet and telephone lines separately. Of course, both communication systems can be maintained, but the idea is to use the broadband connection to a greater extent. It should be noted that this also makes it possible to unify all communication, which can be very useful on a commercial level and also for checking work within a company.

In principle, what is required is to have a virtual PBX software. However, from this point on, the devices in an office can be transformed so that everything works over the Internet. Although this sounds problematic, the reality is that it is very simple and cheaper than anyone would think.

What does it take to move to IP telephony?

Up until about two decades ago, improving communication involved heavy costs for companies. Back then, having a call center meant setting up a data center with expensive servers, infrastructure and all kinds of technological devices. The businessman had to adapt to the technology and not the other way around. Having good communications implied a sum of money that only the largest companies could afford.

telefonía ip

Learning from this experience, it was precisely the large companies that moved more quickly to IP telephony. This is because they understood how cheap it is to support telephone communications under Internet protocol. Investments went from hundreds of thousands of euros to only thousands. The best thing is that tools such as virtual PBX software have much more advanced add-ons.

Perhaps the most important question at the moment is how much does the migration to IP telephony cost? In addition to hiring the virtual PBX, which can be adapted to the expense of each entrepreneur and company, the answer to this question is, it depends. That is to say that, in each company, this can vary greatly. In fact, everything will depend on the devices available.

IP Telephony: What equipment do you have?

Once you have the virtual PBX software, the next thing to do is to check what devices you have. Call centers are managed with computers, but the rest of the office should also use IP telephony. In this order of ideas, the main thing is to verify what telephone devices are in the company that wants to migrate to this technology.

The best thing about IP telephony is that you can even work with some telephones of a certain age. There are accessories and devices that allow these devices to work with broadband connection. In other words, part of the technological leap lies precisely in the ability of this technology to adapt to companies.

Depending on what they have, companies will have to invest in telephone equipment and some devices. Of course, this is much cheaper than building a data center with servers inside the office. Everything will also depend on what each businessman wants for his company.

The best thing about IP telephony is that it gives you alternatives.

yealink -53H

While traditional telephone communication systems were inevitably expensive, IP telephony provides alternatives. In fact, part of its cost-effectiveness and convenience lies in the fact that you can choose a basic service, or a more expensive one. The same is true of telephone devices and accessories: there will always be one that suits the budget and needs of each business owner.

For example, a company that needs to buy business phones can choose between a simple model with transfer options, or a phone with an LED screen for videoconferencing. The differences between the two products can be significant, but at the end of the day all companies will be able to purchase a device that allows them to operate with IP telephony.

For example, a Yealink W53H cordless phone costs €70.90, as opposed to a Yealink VP59 videophone with a large full HD display. The best thing is that the creators of this type of devices create different product segments, precisely so that each company can measure its investment and count on the devices.

Old-fashioned phones: That’s what Grandstream Gateways is for.

As noted above, IP telephony can also work with long-standing phones. Certainly, there are very outdated phones that cannot work with this technology. But many that were even built before the advent of this technology can implement the broadband connection thanks to some very versatile devices: Grandstream Gateways.

This means that many companies will be able to work with the telephone devices they previously had in their offices. In order to do so, they will only have to buy grandstream gateways, which at their maximum value can cost around 799 €, which means having 48 telephone ports at their disposal. However, if the company is much smaller, the price of this component can be as low as €325, or even less.

A small company that only has four desktop phone devices might be able to run with €199 grandstream gateways. If they have their phones in a certain configuration, buying this type of device will allow them to operate normally over the Internet. The good news is that many of the devices they created even from the 90’s, can work from this formula.

There is no point of comparison

Creating a data center with servers could cost as much as $20,000 just to get started. Some of the largest companies had to invest millions to have a modern, secure and reliable communication system. With IP telephony and virtual PBX, you can do a lot for less than 1,000 euros. This is precisely the magic of the Internet.

An entrepreneur with a small business could start with much less than that. The best thing is that he could have advanced telemarketing and customer service modules, with a very small investment. This is ideal for freelancers, family businesses and ecommerce stores. In fact, any business can plan their budget, maintain excellent communication and upgrade.

Neotel is a company known for offering its innovative virtual PBX, at competitive prices and with advanced functionalities. But we also have a virtual store where you can buy all the equipment and accessories needed to migrate to IP telephony successfully and at very attractive prices.

What is in the Neotel store?

Neotel’s online store offers three types of physical products for telephone communication in the office. The catalog features various types of Yealink terminals oriented for business work. From simple, cordless desk phones to high-tech equipment suitable for videoconferencing, with internet connection and modern screens.

Secondly, Neotel offers grandstream gateways, useful for transforming traditional telephone line communication into a broadband connection. In the catalog there are different models, with the intention of covering the demand of each type of company.

Thirdly, we offer a series of complementary accessories useful for IP telephony and for business telephone communication. From phone and battery chargers, bases, special cables, connectors and some other things that are very useful when migrating to this technology. At Neotel, we offer both the software and the virtual PBX service, as well as physical elements for communication.

The migration to IP telephony is valued by the most prestigious companies as a necessary step. Doing so improves control over communication, marketing, customer service and resources to keep the company’s operations at the highest level. Communication is everything and at Neotel we have everything you need to develop it successfully.

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What do you need to upgrade your call center? Yealink terminals and other options

yealink -53H

Many call centers still operate under a scheme that has already been superseded. This would be the use of a physical PBX with analog devices and a telephone line. Those who wonder to what extent customer service departments have been upgraded should know that everything has changed. To be precise, the changes are substantial and have come to make everything easier and cheaper.

Today’s contact center runs on IP telephony. Calls go in and out from an Internet connection, which is much more economical. Similarly, today’s call center software is hosted in the cloud and run on the network. This will lead many entrepreneurs to ask a logical question: How can you migrate to this technology?

There are different ways to migrate to IP telephony

Having a call center that works with IP telephony allows us to abandon the physical servers, the team of IT engineers and other things that generate many expenses. And although it will be necessary to upgrade some equipment or adopt a device, the cost is very low.

telefonía ip

The only thing that any company should do before making the technological leap is to check the equipment available in the office. By knowing this information, it is possible to choose the easiest way to adopt IP telephony. In some cases, companies prefer to buy Yealink terminals. These are telephones designed to be connected to the Internet.

There are also companies that prefer to adapt their traditional telephone equipment to continue using them. In fact, this is possible by purchasing a Grandstream Gateways. This device allows analog telephones to operate over the Internet. In this way, you can maintain a hybrid communications system: analog and VoIP.

At Neotel we have everything you need to upgrade your call center.

At Neotel we sell the best Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways. The product catalog has different models with different prices and capacities. Companies and entrepreneurs can buy the equipment that best suits their needs.

Similarly, Neotel’s digital store offers some of the necessary accessories for installation and communication. There you can find electricity and WIFI adapters, USB cameras, headsets with microphones and other similar implements. Everything that can complement the call center management can be found in our catalog.

For example, one of the most striking accessories is the IP repeater. This implement allows to amplify the range of the WIFI signal. The objective is that the Internet connection can cover every space in the office. There are many products that can facilitate the use of communication systems that work with VoIP telephony.

Thinking about the best solution

Taking a look at the product catalog allows potential buyers to familiarize themselves with this technology. It is important to research each implement in order to make the best technological migration. Prices are affordable and everything can be complemented with the virtual PBX service.

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Neotel: buy everything for your company’s call center

Neotel is a telecommunications company that offers virtual PBX services, IP telephony and related services. However, this company also has a store: the Neotel online store. Here you can find everything you need to set up a modern customer service department.


Neotel call center software

Many companies still don’t know much about the new cloud-hosted telephony services. Telephony is changing to lower costs and generate multifunctional solutions for businesses. In the meantime, in this store you can get the physical devices that allow call center rooms to evolve. Its catalog has three basic products: Yealink terminals, Grandstream Gateway and complementary accessories.

Yealink terminals: The telephone of yesteryear with the technology of today

Today’s call center software operates with any device available, even a Smartphone. However, the old terminals have evolved to allow communication via Internet connections. Of course, this allows the staff to have the same functions as always but in a much cheaper way.

Yealink terminals are just like the ones you see in the office but have adapted VoIP technology.

. They allow you to transfer calls, put the customer on hold and a host of other useful functions in the office. However, calls are made and stored on the Internet, as everything works with this type of connection.

telefonía ip

The best thing about this option is that they incorporate substantial improvements such as HD headphones. These improve the hearing sensation much more and since everything works with the Internet, there is no interference. In addition, these devices work with technology for data protection.

The Grandstream Gateway enables the transition from the telephone line to the Internet.

In order for traditional terminals to work properly with IP, Grandstream Gateways are used. This device makes it possible for every outgoing call to be made over the Internet, even though the entire system is handled by a physical PBX.

This is an excellent option for those companies that do not want to replace their devices and some traditional implements. In fact, it is a matter of adapting traditional technology to much more advanced services.

This device is also essential for call recording and makes it possible to dispense with other equipment. For example, if you have the Gandstream Getaway, there is no need to use PSTN lines. In conclusion, this technology generates certain savings in terms of operating costs.

Neotel sells accessories to make things easier


Neotel virtual pbx

Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways are the main products in the Neotel store. However, in the Neotel store you can also get very useful complementary items. From Wi-Fi signal repeaters, Headsets with microphone, to power adapters.

These types of accessories are functional for a myriad of devices and functions in and out of the office. In general, they all support Internet or electrical connection in the office. Undoubtedly, the virtual PBX can be accompanied with the equipment available in this store.

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Why implement IP Telephony in your company?

As you can see in everyday life, communication is essential to achieve business, strengthen friendships and in general be aware of everything that happens around us or in the world, communication can be written, by video or voice and precisely this last section we find a comprehensive solution that provides a clear and dynamic signal either locally or externally using specialized hardware and do not speak of any other than IP telephony or commonly called VoIP (Voice over IP – Voice over IP) and to understand that we speak IP telephony uses a set of resources thanks to which the voice signal will be routed over the Internet network through IP protocol (Internet Protocol), with it, the voice signal will be transmitted in digital form using data packets which is much safer and more modern than being sent in analog form based on a group of traditional circuits.

With the concept of IP telephony in mind, in Neotel we want to explain why it is ideal to implement this type of technology in your company using Yealink terminals or Grandstream Gateway which perfectly complements both hardware and software in the VoIP world.

Some of the compelling reasons for implementing IP telephony are:


telefonía ip


  • Reduced network complexity as VoIP technology works using an existing data network, this avoids complex network structures and allows higher speed
  • Reduced network complexity as VoIP technology works using an existing data network, this avoids complex network structures and allows higher speed
  • Facilitates integration with various systems since VoIP, with Yealink terminals or Grandstream Gateway, can be used with a CRM or ERP system which in turn will give us the opportunity to keep records of each of the corporate customers, host voicemail and many more tasks.
  • Option to implement a hybrid deployment which is achieved with the Yealink terminals or a Grandstream Gateway because its structure optimizes the migration of an analog system to VoIP.
  • Network connectivity in a unified way, this is achieved thanks to the fact that all the signal will be transmitted through the IP network which will centralize all users of the company.


You can see how to implement IP telephony, although it may seem complex, in the medium and long term you will see results in costs, integration and unification of the signal of all types of organization and remember that Yealink terminals or Gradstream Gateway are available for this project.

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Yealink terminals: The evolution of IP terminals

An IP terminal is a device that allows the connection of voice through internet protocol (VoIP), to be able to have a call as if it were a conventional call, Yealink terminals are the models available in the market with the most advanced technology, practical and economical.

What is Internet Protocol or VoIP?


The internet protocol or VoIP (the one used by yealink terminals), are a series of resources that allow voice communication through the internet.

telefonía ip

This protocol allows the transformation of voice to data packets (unlike traditional telephony which is analog), ie transforming the analog call in digital to be transported over the Internet.


Differences between VoIP and IP telephony.

When you are talking about IP terminals you must make the difference between VoIP and IP telephony, for some it seems the same, but the truth is they are not, we present the differences below.


  • VoIP:

These are the standards, protocol and technology used by devices to transmit voice digitally. There are no calls, information, services or gateways.

  • Telephony over IP

Services that are available for use by the public, these are based on VoIP protocols.

How does internet protocol work in yealink terminals?

To be able to have a communication based on voice technology over the Internet you need a client, a server and a Grandstream Gateway, below we explain in detail each of them:

The client

In order to carry out calls, there must be information input (user’s microphone), it is encoded, packaged and transmitted over the network and reaches the IP terminal where it is decoded, unpacked and played at the output (yealink terminal speakers).


Who can be the client?

Skype or a company that offers IP telephony services using analogue telephone adapters or software for this type of communication (Softphones).


IP servers or switches are responsible for managing the database to account, collect, route, administer and control the service.

In these switches are installed software that operate all the information, allowing communication between 2 VoIP devices or between a VoIP and a conventional telephone.


Gateways grandstream

Grandstream gateways enable communication between users. Their main function is to provide connection with traditional telephony, functioning as a platform for virtual users (clients).

The gateways are used to terminate the call, in this way: the user initiates the call and it is terminated by the gateway granstream.

Many small or medium sized companies that have PBXs can use this technology not to replace it.


Advantages of VoIP Calls


There are a variety of advantages, among which they stand out:


  • Avoid long distance telephone charges (domestic and international).
  • Lower bandwidth required (compared to use of other mobile technologies)

Disadvantages of VoIP Calls

Among the disadvantages we have:

  • Lower call quality (latency, delay)
  • Ease of data theft (due to lack of system security).
  • Probability of virus infestation in the system (as there is no antivirus in the system).


What is a Yealink terminal?


The yealink terminals are digital devices that allow you to make voice and video calls using the VoIP protocol, using a local network or through the use of the Internet.

In many opportunities they present more advantages and options than the traditional telephony, multiple lines, digital cameras, color screens, capacity of wireless connection to fixed devices (bluetooth).


How to choose the best Yealink terminal?


Among the basic features necessary for choosing the best terminal yealink are the amount of lines you need, merit a color screen, what configurations you need, sound capacity, has voicemail, has access to video conferences, which network to connect.

These options will determine how complex should be the yealink terminal to choose, in Neotel 2000 we offer the best consultants to help you get the one that best suits your needs.



What determines the choice of yealink terminal?


Below you will find a list of features that are determinant when choosing your yealink terminal.

Yealink terminal costs

For many companies determining terminal costs will be essential when purchasing an IP phone. Entrepreneurs are enemies of unnecessary expenses.

VoIP telephony will lead to significant savings, but be careful if you choose the wrong yealink terminal, choose one of inferior quality or few configurable will lead to headaches.

The best available sound must be guaranteed in the devices to acquire.



The style that you need for your office, home or vehicle can be different style, can include wireless yealink terminals (similar to mobile devices) which merit to be powered from an electrical source.

Another stylistic situation is the need for a color screen for video conferencing, quick menu access buttons, pre-selected calls or receiving voice memos.



Quality may depend on shapes and sizes, many have been found in the market since VoIP appeared.

The quality of yealink terminal can be determined by the time in the market, the guarantee they offer.


Service Provider

The choice of service provider can make a big difference in getting the most out of the full-featured VoIP device, or just the most basic ones.

We must remember that VoIP telephony allows to feed several phones. Each of the telephones will connect directly to the internet, therefore a secure connection is necessary.

You must make sure that the service provider is compatible with all the features of your yealink terminal.


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Gateway Grandstream: Analog adapters for Internet protocols

Telephone infrastructures have allowed communication for years, now all systems have been changed to digital, using Gateway grandstream can adapt analog phones to receive VoIP calls.

What is an analog adapter?

The Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) is a device capable of converting the signals used for analog communications into the Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Generally these adapters are used to convert the digital signal (own or IP) in the analog signal, so you can connect to traditional phones (analog) or facsimile (also work transforming the digital signal to analog).


Why are they called Gateway?

centralita ip

Analog phone adapters can be described as Gateway because their operation is precisely the connection between both worlds (analog and IP).

However, we must be clear that a Gateway is described as a multi-port telephone adapter, which is almost always accompanied by more complex routing functions.


Disadvantages of ATAs

The main disadvantage of using these ATA devices is that you cannot enjoy all the benefits of IP telephony.

Differences between analog and digital (IP) phones

Before we continue talking about Gateway grandstream, ATA and digital telephony we will proceed to explain what is analog telephony and digital telephony.

Analogue telephony


An analog telephony is one that uses “waveform signals”.

It may be the best known type of signal, and undoubtedly the oldest. Remembering that the signalling between a telephone exchange and a telephone is the ability to receive and send information, among which stand out:


  • The start of the conversation is requested.
  • Select who to talk to
  • There is progress in the call (ring, busy ring)
  • If you initiate a new call

Brief history of analog telephony.

In the beginning the telephones used only a copper wire, so in this way, the audio was sent as signaling while the return was done by land.

As the number of telephones increased, it was necessary to increase them to a second wire per telephone (to avoid interference).

Characteristics of analog telephony.

Analogue telephony has the following characteristics:


  • Only one communication per contracted line.
  • More suitable for residential market
  • Numerical identifier (DDI) on each line.

Digital Phones

In the early 1980s, the foundations were laid for new telephone networks, where digital terminals were offered to customers.

The idea of digitally covering telephony merits the implementation of a digital signalling protocol between the device and the telephone exchange.

The ISDN protocol was designed, which consists of establishing a data channel between the telephone exchange and the device in order to be able to exchange messages.

The signal protocols used are generally “proprietary” by each of the manufacturers, only a few use the standard protocol ISDN.

Characteristics of digital telephones.

Among the most salient features are the following:



  • ISDN lines (BRI) allow 2 simultaneous calls using 2 channels of 64 Kbps (voice and data).
  • Adapts to a central for a single DDI (for outgoing calls).
  • ISDN lines (PRI) up to 30 simultaneous calls using 30 64 Kbps channels (for voice and data)
  • Its target is the business market.
  • The sound quality is better than analog (no noise or interference).

IP Phones


After the standardization of digital telephones, it evolved into telephones with the capacity to transport multimedia data through data networks.

IP phones have the ability to digitize the voice in the terminal itself, to pack and send data using the network (must use IP protocols).

The advantage of these terminals is that they can be “virtual” using applications. At the corporate level they usually use SIP protocols, in many cases using Gateway grandstream to carry out this task.

Features IP Phones.

IP phones have the following features:



  • No dependence on physical lines, rather merits a network infrastructure, no limitation on simultaneous calls
  • Telephone numbers hosted in the cloud of our telecommunications service provider. There are no limits when it comes to contracting telephone numbers, as well as geographical location we want to choose (there are regulations to be respected).
  • By not relying on physical lines you can create a network with a large number of locations.
  • Allows the interconnection between networks of stores, or delegations so that they are connected using a single header number.
  • Allows the interconnection between networks of stores, or delegations so that they are connected using a single header number.

Grandstream VoIP Gateway

Grandstream’s VoIP Gateways will act in several ways, the most important of which are the following: Gateway to other networks, as well as a platform to unify analog and digital communications.

Analog adapters enable the integration of analog devices into the VoIP PBX.

Features of Gateway grandstream.

Here are some of the features of the grandstream gateway

Analog adapters are robust.

No need for a server

Different SIP, ISDN or analog interfaces

Low energy consumption

Enables integration with analog devices

What does Grandstream offer?

Grandstream’s Gateways are ideal for any company that needs the incorporation of IP technology.

It is also ideal for taking advantage of investments made in traditional equipment (analog telephony, faxes and PBX systems).

Gateway Grandstream Recommendations

There is a wide variety of products and series available from Gateway grandstream that can be better adapted to your needs, we explain in a general way:

Models GXW4104/4108

These grandstream Gateway devices have the ability to convert IP calls into traditional calls.

The GXW 4104 offers 4 ports while the 4108 offers 8 FXO ports, both are installed the same way. These grandstream gateways offer the most complete interoperability with IP PBXs, IP servers and softswitches.

Models GXW4216/GXW4224/GXW4248

Gateway grandstream models have from 16 to 48 analog ports (FXS). In addition, these Gateway devices come with advanced security protection, unsurpassed voice quality, easy to configure, and excellent performance with high call volumes.


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Advantages of acquiring the Yealink T19PE2 terminal

If your company is looking for the best solutions for IP communication, Yealink is the best alternative because with its Yealink terminals is taking the best products in IP telephony with a focus on unified communications.

With this in mind, Neotel will speak in today’s article about the advantages of acquiring the Yealink T19PE2 terminal which are intended as a generation of VoIP phones created specifically to meet the needs of telephony, dynamic user interface and high voice quality which will ultimately be perceived by all users.

We emphasize that this series of Yealink terminals gives its users a high definition voice quality that is perceived from the headset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722), but let’s talk more about the Yealink T19PE2 terminal.


telefonía ip


The Yealink T19PE2 terminal has become one of Yealink’s best options in the world of entry-level IP telephony in which we find elementary but precise functions as well as performance that can be compared to more advanced devices.

The Yealink TP19E2 terminal is built with high quality materials which in turn are combined with a 132×64 pixel graphic LCD display in which the user will enjoy a clear 5-line display that will finally give the best visual results.

The Yealink TP19e2 terminal integrates dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE that are ideal for prolonged use of the network, this terminal T19PE2 allows the use of a single VoIP account, installation options much simpler, complete and secure that will allow the connectivity of all users and if that were not enough, with this terminal we find IPv6 compatibility and SRTP / HTTPS / TLS, VLAN and QoS.

The TP19E2 terminal supports the use of headphones for wall mounting making it easy to use.

If it sounds interesting what we have mentioned, expect to know more about the global features of the Yealink TP19E2 terminal, these are:



  • Improved call management by integrating features such as call capture, call forwarding, call transfer, 3-way conferencing and more.
  • Integration of the IEEE 802.3af Power-over Ethernet protocol which offers the possibility of implementation based on centralized power and backup, in addition to this, the T19PE2 terminal is compatible with FTP, TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols and is configured by default for the use of the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).
  • Supports codecs G.722, G.711(A/μ), G.729AB, G.726, iLBC
  • Has AES encryption for file transfer
  • Has AES encryption for file transfer
  • Directory available to store more than 1000 contacts
  • Directory available to store more than 1000 contacts


As you can see, the Yealink TP19E2 terminal is an economical but complete solution if you want to start with the world of VoIP communication.

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Trust in Neotel

Currently there are many companies that offer products and services in IP telephony and virtual pbx’s (including all devices that operate in this medium) but few offer security, trust and added value support and availability, Neotel is one of those few companies that offer you the best in the VoIP environment such as virtual switchboards, CRM software, Gateways and so on.

Neotel distributes Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways which are indisputable leaders in the market with products such as terminals Yealink T23G, T27G, T40G or Grandstream Gateway as the GXW4108, GXW4216 or the GXW4248 but little by little we will talk about them to know all their advantages and features.

Neotel is registered as part of the company Neotel 2000 SL which is registered in the CNMC with a special focus in the area of telecommunications especially as Operator of telephone services and since its inception Neotel aims to provide each of its customers the best solutions in terminals Yealink and Grandstream Gateway being aware of the need for small, medium and large companies to have within their infrastructure the best alternatives to access the world of Internet calls and what better option to use than the hundreds of products offered by Neotel, and an additional plus is that with us you will have free telephone support 365 days a year for each of the customers.

Because you can fully trust Neotel, well, there are many reasons, perhaps one of many is the amount of products you can find as:



data center products



hire line 900

Each of these has a special guideline for each segment so that if you buy it you will not only have one of the best products (speaking of hardware) but also one of the best support attentions.


wertc line

Each of these has a special guideline for each segment so that if you buy it you will not only have one of the best products (speaking of hardware) but also one of the best support attentions.


Neotel third party software integration

You know, for all IP telephony solutions do not hesitate to contact Neotel as you will have the best support and service.

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Neotel Virtual PBX’s

In a world where technology is growing non-stop, it is ideal that you and I are on a par with it, these advances integrate many aspects and one of the most striking is related to the way we communicate and that is why today we find the virtual pbx’s.

What is a virtual pbx, if you skip that doubt do not worry that Neotel has the answer for you, a virtual pbx is nothing more than an IP telephony system through which we will be able to have multiple phones and / or extensions independent of whether they are fixed or mobile, this translates into availability anywhere, when you purchase a virtual switchboard you have advantages such as:


  • Saving money
  • Accessible maintenance
  • To have extensions as mobile as fixed

Neotel reminds you that telephony, being based on the IP protocol, can integrate both voice and data in the same network.

If you are interested in acquiring a virtual switchboard, Neotel has for you both Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways and this because Neotel focuses on two key aspects that are:

  • Sale of virtual switchboards
  • Sale of software focused on Call Center

Neotel offers support, configuration and assistance at all times to bring quality products in both Yealink terminals and Grandsream Gateways.



If you want to be in the world of IP telephony, but do not have the means to purchase an IP phone, Neotel offers you the Gateway which is a machine which connects to a traditional phone converts it into an IP phone, for this Neotel offers Grandstream Gateways as the GXW4104, the GXW4108 or the GXW4216.

telefonía ip

Now, if your plan is to acquire any of the Yealink terminals, Neotel offers you solutions like the Yealink T19E2, the Yealink T21E2 or the Yealink T27G.

Thus, Neotel is in step with the growth of technology offering quality products, reliability and above all comprehensive performance that will undoubtedly make communications much more centralized thanks to the use of Yealink terminals or the implementation of a Grandstream Gateway.