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Neotel: buy everything for your company’s call center

Neotel is a telecommunications company that offers virtual PBX services, IP telephony and related services. However, this company also has a store: the Neotel online store. Here you can find everything you need to set up a modern customer service department.


Neotel call center software

Many companies still don’t know much about the new cloud-hosted telephony services. Telephony is changing to lower costs and generate multifunctional solutions for businesses. In the meantime, in this store you can get the physical devices that allow call center rooms to evolve. Its catalog has three basic products: Yealink terminals, Grandstream Gateway and complementary accessories.

Yealink terminals: The telephone of yesteryear with the technology of today

Today’s call center software operates with any device available, even a Smartphone. However, the old terminals have evolved to allow communication via Internet connections. Of course, this allows the staff to have the same functions as always but in a much cheaper way.

Yealink terminals are just like the ones you see in the office but have adapted VoIP technology.

. They allow you to transfer calls, put the customer on hold and a host of other useful functions in the office. However, calls are made and stored on the Internet, as everything works with this type of connection.

telefonía ip

The best thing about this option is that they incorporate substantial improvements such as HD headphones. These improve the hearing sensation much more and since everything works with the Internet, there is no interference. In addition, these devices work with technology for data protection.

The Grandstream Gateway enables the transition from the telephone line to the Internet.

In order for traditional terminals to work properly with IP, Grandstream Gateways are used. This device makes it possible for every outgoing call to be made over the Internet, even though the entire system is handled by a physical PBX.

This is an excellent option for those companies that do not want to replace their devices and some traditional implements. In fact, it is a matter of adapting traditional technology to much more advanced services.

This device is also essential for call recording and makes it possible to dispense with other equipment. For example, if you have the Gandstream Getaway, there is no need to use PSTN lines. In conclusion, this technology generates certain savings in terms of operating costs.

Neotel sells accessories to make things easier


Neotel virtual pbx

Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways are the main products in the Neotel store. However, in the Neotel store you can also get very useful complementary items. From Wi-Fi signal repeaters, Headsets with microphone, to power adapters.

These types of accessories are functional for a myriad of devices and functions in and out of the office. In general, they all support Internet or electrical connection in the office. Undoubtedly, the virtual PBX can be accompanied with the equipment available in this store.

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Differences between VoIP and SIP

We have talked about the advantages of implementing and using VoIP technology in our organizations for various reasons ranging from economic budgets to availability of communication anywhere and it is key that we have defined some concepts that are used with some frequency in the world of communications because if we have at least a basic concept we can determine what type of hardware elements will be most suitable for VoIP to move like fish in the water or, in this case, as a bit in the network.

From the moment we are in search of the VoIP provider we hear some terms like SIP and, logically, VoIP, but do you know what the difference between VoIP and SIP? If not, stay with us and we will explain it to you, but before we remind you that you can acquire the Yealink terminals or the Grandstream Gateway so that your company is completely at the forefront of VoIP technology.

Differences between SIP and VoIP

Let’s start with the basics:


  • VoIP: is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and basically consists of a technology thanks to which voice signals travel over the Internet optimizing their quality, reducing costs and reaching any geographical location and for this we have hundreds of elements both hardware and software.
  • SIP: is the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol and refers to a protocol that is used to implement VoIP technology. SIP protocol can be used to configure or terminate multimedia sessions within which we find both voice and video, although it is closely related to VoIP is not such technology itself.

SIP: is the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol and refers to a protocol that is used to implement VoIP technology. SIP protocol can be used to configure or terminate multimedia sessions within which we find both voice and video, although it is closely related to VoIP is not such technology itself.



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Advantages of using VoIP telephony

Since the smoke signals man has sought the way to communicate with others and with the advancement of technology, equipment and methods of communication has been redefined to establish a communication between users and in this twenty-first century we can talk about the technology that has set a milestone and is VoIP, many wonder at this point, What is VoIP? Well, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that has been developed as a means of communication where all data are sent over the Internet but not in the traditional form of copper or analog wiring, this allows VoIP communication is distributed as packets or fragments of digital data that moves in a LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) optimizing the maximum quality and reliability of communication.

Obviously for everything to work synchronously in delivering the best signal results must meet some criteria both hardware and software such as:


  • To have equipment compatible and suitable for VoIP such as the Grandstream Gateway or the Yealink terminal.
  • Have the necessary codecs to convert the telephone’s analog voice transmission into digital packets so that it can be transferred over the network.
  • Have the PPP protocol (point-to-point protocol) to segment the packets as this will help delay the transmission if it is distributed on low speed lines.

If you want to connect a traditional analogue telephone line to the new technology of the VoIP system, it will be necessary that we have an FXO gateway as it allows to connect the incoming analogue FXS line, as well as the line of the telephone provider directly in the FXO port of the gateway, here comes into play the Grandstream Gateway and Yealink terminal.

Once we implement this we will see some benefits of VoIP technology as:


  • Reduction of costs for each call by using the Internet Protocol for this purpose, this includes both local and international calls.
  • Integration of diverse functionalities since when we use the Yealink terminal or the Grandstream Gateway we are taking with us diverse characteristics (based on the acquired model) that allow to simplify the tasks of management of the calls like calls in wait, mailbox, etc.
  • Offers mobility service because with VoIP we can configure services in various locations without losing quality or availability.
  • Facilitates interaction with the customer because, being based on IP, this technology facilitates that from anywhere in the world we can talk to customers or users.
  • Total availability because if there is a network failure the calls can be redirected to a backup so as not to lose communication.

We see how VoIP has positioned itself, and will continue to do so, as the most complete solution for modern communication.

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Why implement IP Telephony in your company?

As you can see in everyday life, communication is essential to achieve business, strengthen friendships and in general be aware of everything that happens around us or in the world, communication can be written, by video or voice and precisely this last section we find a comprehensive solution that provides a clear and dynamic signal either locally or externally using specialized hardware and do not speak of any other than IP telephony or commonly called VoIP (Voice over IP – Voice over IP) and to understand that we speak IP telephony uses a set of resources thanks to which the voice signal will be routed over the Internet network through IP protocol (Internet Protocol), with it, the voice signal will be transmitted in digital form using data packets which is much safer and more modern than being sent in analog form based on a group of traditional circuits.

With the concept of IP telephony in mind, in Neotel we want to explain why it is ideal to implement this type of technology in your company using Yealink terminals or Grandstream Gateway which perfectly complements both hardware and software in the VoIP world.

Some of the compelling reasons for implementing IP telephony are:


telefonía ip


  • Reduced network complexity as VoIP technology works using an existing data network, this avoids complex network structures and allows higher speed
  • Reduced network complexity as VoIP technology works using an existing data network, this avoids complex network structures and allows higher speed
  • Facilitates integration with various systems since VoIP, with Yealink terminals or Grandstream Gateway, can be used with a CRM or ERP system which in turn will give us the opportunity to keep records of each of the corporate customers, host voicemail and many more tasks.
  • Option to implement a hybrid deployment which is achieved with the Yealink terminals or a Grandstream Gateway because its structure optimizes the migration of an analog system to VoIP.
  • Network connectivity in a unified way, this is achieved thanks to the fact that all the signal will be transmitted through the IP network which will centralize all users of the company.


You can see how to implement IP telephony, although it may seem complex, in the medium and long term you will see results in costs, integration and unification of the signal of all types of organization and remember that Yealink terminals or Gradstream Gateway are available for this project.

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Advantages of using a virtual PBX

If you are part of an organization where calls are the bread of every day, virtual pbx’s become one of the integrated solutions to optimize both time and costs, availability and global performance, why? simple, the virtual switchboard combines two of the technologies most used for several years that are the switchboard as such plus the cloud, remember that until recently was required physical switchboards to manage all voice services with the Internet and from there arises VoIP technology.

Well, it is possible to link the services of a virtual switchboard along with the services of our mobile operator which gives us some advantages such as significant cost reduction, free internal calls and more.




virtual pbx

With Neotel you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art virtual switchboards which integrate functions such as:



  • Sending virtual faxes over the Internet
  • Automatic redial
  • Management of international numbers
  • Call me back function
  • CRM integration and many more features


With all this in mind, Neotel has a wide range of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway which are the perfect complement to the virtual centralota you purchase as these devices have a comprehensive guarantee not only support but also functionality and advanced configuration.

If we talk about Yealink terminals, we talk about IP phones which give us the ability to make calls directly from the network and for this you need the virtual switchboard and one of the great advantages of these virtual switchboards is that no matter the geographical location where you are because, being a technology in the cloud, Yealink terminals will link directly through the network to local servers and from there establish communication, so Yealink offers these devices with extensive management capabilities.

You can see how to implement a virtual switchboard with terminals Yealink or Grandstream Yealink is more than a simple device, since you have several integrated functions, free services, 24 hour support, no need to install complex architectures and more everything always thinking about the benefit of each organization.

Neotel has multiple options for the virtual switchboard that will manage all the voice processes of your company is as pleasant and reliable as possible and in the process becomes a big step in improving and escalating the communication tasks both internally and externally because today communication is essential for the overall growth of all types of company.


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Terminals Yealink and Grandstream Gateways: VoIP calls easily

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and communications are not left behind, fixed telephony adapts to the evolution by offering calls in VoIP protocol, being able to use Yealink terminals as an option, or if on the contrary you do not want to change your traditional phones you can get a grandstream gateway to adapt the functionality of these as if they were ip phones.

Yealink Terminals


Yealink terminals represent the next generation of telephones, designed to meet the needs of users and businesses.

Their interface is new. They have a high quality, HD definition and headphones, high resolution screens and ease of configuration.


Yealink Terminal Models


In the market there is a great variety of yealink terminals, which can be adapted to the needs of everyone, here the best options:

Yealink T29G Terminals


This Yealink terminal is new, offering up to 16 SIP accounts, 240 by 120 pixels graphic screen and wifi and bluetooth compatibility.


Yealink T46S Terminals


The Yealink T46S terminal offers the ability to make business meetings via Skype, its screen is 4.3″, wall mount supports the Opus codec.


Yealink T48S Terminals


This model of Yealink terminals presents a touch screen to make easier the work of a size of 7″ with 800×480 pixels.

Grandstream Gateways


If you already have a large analogue telephone infrastructure the best option is to integrate Grandstream Gateways.

With its different series, models and designs Grandstream Gateways allows you to link lines or PBXs to the VoIP network.

Small and medium enterprises can manage costs by creating cabling-free environments.


Grandstream Gateways Models


A wide variety of grandstream gateway models are currently available to choose from to best suit all your needs:

Grandstream Gateway GXW4216


This Granstream Gateway offers up to 16 ports for telephone connections (RJ11) and one connector (included) Telco


Grandstream Gateway GXW4104


This Grandstream Gateway device offers up to two RTB line connections and 4 getaway device connections.

Grandstream Gateway GXW4224


The grandstream Gateway GXW4224 offers 24 RJ11 connections and a Telco connector (pins) which is included when purchasing the equipment.

In conclusion you can join the VoIP world with any of these products.


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Yealink VoIP – Your complete solution

Looking for a potential terminal to boost your business? Yealink terminals are the perfect choice.

Compared to other suppliers, Yealink has a lot to offer. As a result, most companies are including a combination of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway in their business. If you want to boost your business, some of the main benefits of getting Yealink Terminals are as follows:

Yealink IP phones based on the SIP standard are easy to register with any of the legitimate IP PBX servers. This also allows features such as multimedia calling, extension-toextension dialing and video calling.

Phones come with a plug-and-play deployment feature that makes them easy to operate. You can choose any general model of Yealink IP phone for IP-PBX system and work with massive deployment to save time and human resources.

Yealink IP phones can easily work with PBX functions, which helps create a wide range of full playback functions.

There are several Yealink phones that once included in the business can help drive the entire operation. Some of the models you can include are Yealink T19E2, Yealink T21E2, Yealink T40G, and Yealink T41S.

Including the right Yealink terminal in your business can help generate significant momentum. You should buy the system from professionals so you can get the best value for your business.

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Everything you need to know about Gateways

Gateways have become an important part of the VoIP industry. The VoIP gateway acts as a bridge between the general telephone system and the advanced VoIP. This new technology has helped many companies make the revolution. As a result, most companies are including it because of the extreme profitability.

The transition from old phones to gateways has proven to be extremely useful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high quality brand, such as Grandstream Gateway, that can provide you with quality service without any interruption.


What is a VoIP gateway?

A gateway is known as a device that transforms the normal phone into an Internet-based phone to facilitate the call process. Therefore, with small changes, the phone has several additional features such as call transfer and even video chat in some cases.


VoIP gateways work very easily, as the source of traffic is extremely necessary. A VoIP gateway not only converts the general phone into an Internet-based phone, but also digital IP packets into TDM technology. A protocol and a codec play an important role in the correct functioning of the gateway. However, compatibility is also one of the essential factors to consider.

Gateway Types

Normally there are two types of Gateway, the analog and the digital. Each has its own functions and benefits.

  • Analog: Connects traditional phone and VoIP phone system or VoIP phone and PSTN.
  • Digital: The connection between digital voice lines and VoIP telephony systems is made through digital gateways.

Grandstream Gateway Features

The Grandstream Gateway is one of the most popular gateways in the call center industry. Some of the most advanced features of the gateway are call routing, control signaling, fax compression and depression, among others.

The inclusion of Grandstream Gateway as Grandstream Gateway GXW4104, Grandstream Gateway GXW4216 in your business can play an important role in increasing productivity. Not only is it flexible, it’s also extremely affordable to fit your budget. So, instead of buying a completely new terminal or PBX system, you can use your existing phone, which again is very easy to use.