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How a VoIP System Helps Improve Business Connectivity

Within the constant changes at both technological and human level, it is ideal that we are always at the forefront of the latest options that are developed to help improve organizational competitiveness, as well as allow proper interaction between all users regardless of where they are and there comes into play VoIP systems as the most appropriate solution both in terms of cost, as well as architecture.

The VoIP system took its first steps in the residential and consumer market, but little by little has been occupying an essential place in organizations where today you can find hardware such as Yealink terminals or Grandstream Gateways to help meet all the needs of this valuable technology, but it is ideal to know how VoIP helps organizations to be linked to each other.

When a VoIP system is implemented in the company, it allows to connect employees no matter where they are physically, and in addition to this some VoIP equipment is in the ability to give us access to emails, text messages, voice calls and instant messages with which all elements will be available in one place, if that were not enough, with a VoIP system it will be possible to make calls from any device and any location with which the definition of “portability” becomes a reality.



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Now an essential question arises and is how to select the best VoIP provider, in addition to some basic infrastructure requirements, for this we give you a series of tips to help you make the best decision, these are:

  • Must offer highly scalable VoIP features
  • Have a good speed broadband network as VoIP calls will travel through it and there the VoIP provider should have evaluation tools.
  • Offer a variety of payment options that can fit the organization’s final budget
  • Must have comprehensive routing and management features for calls and other objects
  • A VoIP system must allow call recording
  • Must be able to integrate with enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP systems
  • You must integrate the click-to-call function with which it will be possible to make web calls.
  • It is essential that free telephone calls are offered and the entire structure allows for low-cost calls.
  • Ease of connectivity and implementation
  • Support 7 X 24

Within all this, both hardware devices (Grandstream Gateway – Yealink Terminals) and general support (Neotel) are one of the best options to implement a VoIP system in the organization regardless of the size of this and enjoy all that VoIP offers.