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What do you need to upgrade your call center? Yealink terminals and other options

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Many call centers still operate under a scheme that has already been superseded. This would be the use of a physical PBX with analog devices and a telephone line. Those who wonder to what extent customer service departments have been upgraded should know that everything has changed. To be precise, the changes are substantial and have come to make everything easier and cheaper.

Today’s contact center runs on IP telephony. Calls go in and out from an Internet connection, which is much more economical. Similarly, today’s call center software is hosted in the cloud and run on the network. This will lead many entrepreneurs to ask a logical question: How can you migrate to this technology?

There are different ways to migrate to IP telephony

Having a call center that works with IP telephony allows us to abandon the physical servers, the team of IT engineers and other things that generate many expenses. And although it will be necessary to upgrade some equipment or adopt a device, the cost is very low.

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The only thing that any company should do before making the technological leap is to check the equipment available in the office. By knowing this information, it is possible to choose the easiest way to adopt IP telephony. In some cases, companies prefer to buy Yealink terminals. These are telephones designed to be connected to the Internet.

There are also companies that prefer to adapt their traditional telephone equipment to continue using them. In fact, this is possible by purchasing a Grandstream Gateways. This device allows analog telephones to operate over the Internet. In this way, you can maintain a hybrid communications system: analog and VoIP.

At Neotel we have everything you need to upgrade your call center.

At Neotel we sell the best Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways. The product catalog has different models with different prices and capacities. Companies and entrepreneurs can buy the equipment that best suits their needs.

Similarly, Neotel’s digital store offers some of the necessary accessories for installation and communication. There you can find electricity and WIFI adapters, USB cameras, headsets with microphones and other similar implements. Everything that can complement the call center management can be found in our catalog.

For example, one of the most striking accessories is the IP repeater. This implement allows to amplify the range of the WIFI signal. The objective is that the Internet connection can cover every space in the office. There are many products that can facilitate the use of communication systems that work with VoIP telephony.

Thinking about the best solution

Taking a look at the product catalog allows potential buyers to familiarize themselves with this technology. It is important to research each implement in order to make the best technological migration. Prices are affordable and everything can be complemented with the virtual PBX service.

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Neotel: buy everything for your company’s call center

Neotel is a telecommunications company that offers virtual PBX services, IP telephony and related services. However, this company also has a store: the Neotel online store. Here you can find everything you need to set up a modern customer service department.


Neotel call center software

Many companies still don’t know much about the new cloud-hosted telephony services. Telephony is changing to lower costs and generate multifunctional solutions for businesses. In the meantime, in this store you can get the physical devices that allow call center rooms to evolve. Its catalog has three basic products: Yealink terminals, Grandstream Gateway and complementary accessories.

Yealink terminals: The telephone of yesteryear with the technology of today

Today’s call center software operates with any device available, even a Smartphone. However, the old terminals have evolved to allow communication via Internet connections. Of course, this allows the staff to have the same functions as always but in a much cheaper way.

Yealink terminals are just like the ones you see in the office but have adapted VoIP technology.

. They allow you to transfer calls, put the customer on hold and a host of other useful functions in the office. However, calls are made and stored on the Internet, as everything works with this type of connection.

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The best thing about this option is that they incorporate substantial improvements such as HD headphones. These improve the hearing sensation much more and since everything works with the Internet, there is no interference. In addition, these devices work with technology for data protection.

The Grandstream Gateway enables the transition from the telephone line to the Internet.

In order for traditional terminals to work properly with IP, Grandstream Gateways are used. This device makes it possible for every outgoing call to be made over the Internet, even though the entire system is handled by a physical PBX.

This is an excellent option for those companies that do not want to replace their devices and some traditional implements. In fact, it is a matter of adapting traditional technology to much more advanced services.

This device is also essential for call recording and makes it possible to dispense with other equipment. For example, if you have the Gandstream Getaway, there is no need to use PSTN lines. In conclusion, this technology generates certain savings in terms of operating costs.

Neotel sells accessories to make things easier


Neotel virtual pbx

Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateways are the main products in the Neotel store. However, in the Neotel store you can also get very useful complementary items. From Wi-Fi signal repeaters, Headsets with microphone, to power adapters.

These types of accessories are functional for a myriad of devices and functions in and out of the office. In general, they all support Internet or electrical connection in the office. Undoubtedly, the virtual PBX can be accompanied with the equipment available in this store.

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Everything you need to know about call center software

The call center software is a product that handles all business conversations over the phone. If you have telephone equipment, you can configure your call center software to handle incoming calls, load scripts for the telephone equipment and more. Most businesses today are using Yealink terminals to facilitate the call handling process.

Call center agents are an important part of your business that will stay connected to you through the software. In addition, they will use it to engage with your potential customers. One essential thing to keep in mind is that these VoIP servers have an important role to play. Whenever you start your call center business, you need to focus not only on the software, but also on your gateways and terminals for better performance.

You need to be connected to your customers for extreme performance. You can use different communication channels such as social media, live chat and email to keep in touch with your customers.

Some of the outstanding benefits of call center software include the following

  • Better customer service
    You can contact Neotel’s experts to get better customer service for your business. If your customer needs your help, he will first contact the call center.
  • Improved reporting capabilities
    One of the software’s highlights, reports can help business owners and managers create a strategy that’s right for their business. Reporting functions are often associated with management in terms of sales growth rates, case categories, and revenue per call.

call center software

At Neotel, you can get a wide range of beneficial Yealink terminals for your business. The Yealink T23G is one of the most outstanding products offering full support of the professional team.

Apart from that, you can also buy some Grandstream Gateways for your business. The Grandstream Gateway GXW4248 can help you keep in touch with your customers without any network disruption.