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Get Grandstream VoIP Phones and Boost Your Business

The GXW4104 is one of Grandstream’s most prominent gateways, with all the features you need to boost your business. It helps facilitate deployment to allow multiple locations to be connected to one device. Some of the notable features of this phone include the following:

  • Four ports
  • Advanced security protection with SRTP
  • 10-100 Mbps network ports
  • Support for codecs, flexible dialing plans, and security protection.

One of the main advantages of Grandstream Gateways is that they are very affordable. There are other products like GXW4108, GXW4216 that can help you achieve significant results for your business.

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Yealink VoIP – Your complete solution

Looking for a potential terminal to boost your business? Yealink terminals are the perfect choice.

Compared to other suppliers, Yealink has a lot to offer. As a result, most companies are including a combination of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway in their business. If you want to boost your business, some of the main benefits of getting Yealink Terminals are as follows:

Yealink IP phones based on the SIP standard are easy to register with any of the legitimate IP PBX servers. This also allows features such as multimedia calling, extension-toextension dialing and video calling.

Phones come with a plug-and-play deployment feature that makes them easy to operate. You can choose any general model of Yealink IP phone for IP-PBX system and work with massive deployment to save time and human resources.

Yealink IP phones can easily work with PBX functions, which helps create a wide range of full playback functions.

There are several Yealink phones that once included in the business can help drive the entire operation. Some of the models you can include are Yealink T19E2, Yealink T21E2, Yealink T40G, and Yealink T41S.

Including the right Yealink terminal in your business can help generate significant momentum. You should buy the system from professionals so you can get the best value for your business.

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Everything you need to know about Gateways

Gateways have become an important part of the VoIP industry. The VoIP gateway acts as a bridge between the general telephone system and the advanced VoIP. This new technology has helped many companies make the revolution. As a result, most companies are including it because of the extreme profitability.

The transition from old phones to gateways has proven to be extremely useful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high quality brand, such as Grandstream Gateway, that can provide you with quality service without any interruption.


What is a VoIP gateway?

A gateway is known as a device that transforms the normal phone into an Internet-based phone to facilitate the call process. Therefore, with small changes, the phone has several additional features such as call transfer and even video chat in some cases.


VoIP gateways work very easily, as the source of traffic is extremely necessary. A VoIP gateway not only converts the general phone into an Internet-based phone, but also digital IP packets into TDM technology. A protocol and a codec play an important role in the correct functioning of the gateway. However, compatibility is also one of the essential factors to consider.

Gateway Types

Normally there are two types of Gateway, the analog and the digital. Each has its own functions and benefits.

  • Analog: Connects traditional phone and VoIP phone system or VoIP phone and PSTN.
  • Digital: The connection between digital voice lines and VoIP telephony systems is made through digital gateways.

Grandstream Gateway Features

The Grandstream Gateway is one of the most popular gateways in the call center industry. Some of the most advanced features of the gateway are call routing, control signaling, fax compression and depression, among others.

The inclusion of Grandstream Gateway as Grandstream Gateway GXW4104, Grandstream Gateway GXW4216 in your business can play an important role in increasing productivity. Not only is it flexible, it’s also extremely affordable to fit your budget. So, instead of buying a completely new terminal or PBX system, you can use your existing phone, which again is very easy to use.


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A complete overview of the different types of Grandstream Gateways

No matter the size of the business, the use of Grandstream Gateways is the most effective means by which you can add your office environment with efficient terminology through the integration of some traditional telephone systems directly into the VoIP network. This could be keeping your communication costs down.
Now let’s talk about the Grandstream GXW Gateway series! This system is designed to achieve full interoperability across all major IP-PBX media as well as most SIP-based environments. The GXW410x models where we have the names GXW4104 and GXW4108 somehow provide the first IP video surveillance port.
Grandstream Gateways are used in both FXO models to connect VoIP telephony systems to public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

Why buy Grandstream Gateways?

These gateways are extremely powerful, as in the case of the all-in-one solution of voice + fax + video + data communication when dealing with small and medium enterprises. It makes the use of simple web management for the sake of a natural series of configuration as well as installation. It offers convenient access to the video surveillance port, and can often be used as a stand-alone gateway for IP communications.

Grandstream GXW4104

The Grandstream GXW4104 is identified as the medium of 24 FXS VoIP gateway ports. This gateway is very necessary to carry out the complete connection through analog devices such as telephones or even your faxes to any VoIP network. It can support so many different voice/fax codes also in terms of the combination of 24 RJ11 FXS ports. It also features the use of a 50 pin telecommunications connector which could be making the GXW4104 versatile for a wide variety of uses.

Grandstream GXW4108

The Grandstream GXW4108 is identified as the 16-port FXS VoIP gateway. This medium is used to connect analog devices by adding telephones and faxes to the side of the VoIP network. It can support so many different voice/fax codes also in terms of the combination of 24 RJ11 FXS ports. It also features the use of a 50 pin telecommunications connector which could be making the GXW4108 versatile for a wide variety of uses.

Grandstream GXW4216

The Grandstream GXW4216 analog FXO gateway is most often used in small businesses or even in some remote locations. It allows you to connect up to 4 PSTN lines in the current IP PBX system category or even in the analog phone system timeline. The GXW4216 makes you offer around 4 FXO ports that could be allowing you around four lines to connect to the PSTN. It consists of 2 switched 10/100 Ethernet ports that are often used as routing to connect to any course on the network.

Grandstream GXW4224

The Grandstream GXW4224 is defined as a 48-port FXS VoIP gateway that is primarily used to connect analog devices where telephones and faxes can be connected to a VoIP network. It is also playing an important role where it can support several voice/fax codes and a combination of 48 RJ11 FXS ports and a 50-pin Telco connector that makes the GXW4224 versatile for so many uses.

Grandstream GXW4248

The Grandstream GXW4248 is purposely known as the 32-port FXS VoIP gateway where you can make use of it to connect analog devices including telephones and faxes to a VoIP network. It also supports a different set of various voice/fax codes, as well as the combination of 32 RJ11 FXS ports.

List of Yealink’s best products:


Yealink T19E2

The terminal makes its features with full access of 4 sections T1/E1/J1 and can also support 120 simultaneous calls.

Yealink T19PE2

The terminal connects with 2 T1/E1/J1 span features, and can also support 60 simultaneous calls.

Yealink T21E2

The terminal is added with 1 T1/E1/J1 span features and also supports around 30 simultaneous calls.

Yealink T21PE2

The terminal is a complete set of analog telephone adapters. It is configured with 1 FXS port and 1 FXO port. This can allow users to connect almost two profiles. It makes it feature with the Lifeline Support System and fax T.38 for the over-IP fax well.

Yealink T23G

The terminal is identified as the 8-port FXS VoIP Gateway which is placed together with dual 10/100 ports as well as some excellent routing capabilities.

Yealink T27G

The terminal makes its features with full access of 4 sections T1/E1/J1 and can also support 120 simultaneous calls.

Yealink T40G

It is also playing an important role where it can support various voice/fax codes and a combination of 48 RJ11 FXS ports and a 50-pin Telco connector that makes the GXW4224 versatile for so many uses.

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About Yealink

Although we have a lot to offer at the Neotel Store, we will focus primarily on Yealink terminals and Grandstream gateways. But please feel free to browse through our category of accessories where we have several devices in the store, such as power adapters and other yealink devices.

What are Yealink terminals?

The Yealink brand offers communication and business collaboration solutions that include videoconferencing service integrated into their terminals to companies around the world. Communication is facilitated by the use of VoIP phones and videoconferencing. Yealink also has a Skype line for business certified phones.

Reasons why you need one:

  • Helps overcome the challenges of physical distance by improving both external and internal communications and collaborations. Therefore, it is correct to say that your business will not only save time but also unnecessary travel expenses.
  • Yealink IP phones offer class-leading features at very competitive prices. Yealink video conferencing systems offer HD video and extended features without licensing.

Grandstream gateways

The Grandstream Gateway is designed for small and medium businesses, allowing them to integrate the outdated telephone system into a Voiceover IP network. This keeps communication costs low, as well as increasing security protection and improving productivity.

Why buy Grandstream Gateway?

  • It’s a great all-in-one voice communication solution for companies providing fax + video + data communication services.
  • Interconnect telephone lines in remote areas over the Internet for easy configuration and installation.
  • The video port option can also be used as a stand-alone gateway for IP communication.

How about checking out our devices and models in our categories? It’s as easy as clicking and adding it to your shopping cart.

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Everything you need to know about call center software

The call center software is a product that handles all business conversations over the phone. If you have telephone equipment, you can configure your call center software to handle incoming calls, load scripts for the telephone equipment and more. Most businesses today are using Yealink terminals to facilitate the call handling process.

Call center agents are an important part of your business that will stay connected to you through the software. In addition, they will use it to engage with your potential customers. One essential thing to keep in mind is that these VoIP servers have an important role to play. Whenever you start your call center business, you need to focus not only on the software, but also on your gateways and terminals for better performance.

You need to be connected to your customers for extreme performance. You can use different communication channels such as social media, live chat and email to keep in touch with your customers.

Some of the outstanding benefits of call center software include the following

  • Better customer service
    You can contact Neotel’s experts to get better customer service for your business. If your customer needs your help, he will first contact the call center.
  • Improved reporting capabilities
    One of the software’s highlights, reports can help business owners and managers create a strategy that’s right for their business. Reporting functions are often associated with management in terms of sales growth rates, case categories, and revenue per call.

call center software

At Neotel, you can get a wide range of beneficial Yealink terminals for your business. The Yealink T23G is one of the most outstanding products offering full support of the professional team.

Apart from that, you can also buy some Grandstream Gateways for your business. The Grandstream Gateway GXW4248 can help you keep in touch with your customers without any network disruption.