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Advantages of using VoIP telephony

Since the smoke signals man has sought the way to communicate with others and with the advancement of technology, equipment and methods of communication has been redefined to establish a communication between users and in this twenty-first century we can talk about the technology that has set a milestone and is VoIP, many wonder at this point, What is VoIP? Well, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that has been developed as a means of communication where all data are sent over the Internet but not in the traditional form of copper or analog wiring, this allows VoIP communication is distributed as packets or fragments of digital data that moves in a LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) optimizing the maximum quality and reliability of communication.

Obviously for everything to work synchronously in delivering the best signal results must meet some criteria both hardware and software such as:


  • To have equipment compatible and suitable for VoIP such as the Grandstream Gateway or the Yealink terminal.
  • Have the necessary codecs to convert the telephone’s analog voice transmission into digital packets so that it can be transferred over the network.
  • Have the PPP protocol (point-to-point protocol) to segment the packets as this will help delay the transmission if it is distributed on low speed lines.

If you want to connect a traditional analogue telephone line to the new technology of the VoIP system, it will be necessary that we have an FXO gateway as it allows to connect the incoming analogue FXS line, as well as the line of the telephone provider directly in the FXO port of the gateway, here comes into play the Grandstream Gateway and Yealink terminal.

Once we implement this we will see some benefits of VoIP technology as:


  • Reduction of costs for each call by using the Internet Protocol for this purpose, this includes both local and international calls.
  • Integration of diverse functionalities since when we use the Yealink terminal or the Grandstream Gateway we are taking with us diverse characteristics (based on the acquired model) that allow to simplify the tasks of management of the calls like calls in wait, mailbox, etc.
  • Offers mobility service because with VoIP we can configure services in various locations without losing quality or availability.
  • Facilitates interaction with the customer because, being based on IP, this technology facilitates that from anywhere in the world we can talk to customers or users.
  • Total availability because if there is a network failure the calls can be redirected to a backup so as not to lose communication.

We see how VoIP has positioned itself, and will continue to do so, as the most complete solution for modern communication.