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Advantages of using a virtual PBX

If you are part of an organization where calls are the bread of every day, virtual pbx’s become one of the integrated solutions to optimize both time and costs, availability and global performance, why? simple, the virtual switchboard combines two of the technologies most used for several years that are the switchboard as such plus the cloud, remember that until recently was required physical switchboards to manage all voice services with the Internet and from there arises VoIP technology.

Well, it is possible to link the services of a virtual switchboard along with the services of our mobile operator which gives us some advantages such as significant cost reduction, free internal calls and more.




virtual pbx

With Neotel you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art virtual switchboards which integrate functions such as:



  • Sending virtual faxes over the Internet
  • Automatic redial
  • Management of international numbers
  • Call me back function
  • CRM integration and many more features


With all this in mind, Neotel has a wide range of Yealink terminals and Grandstream Gateway which are the perfect complement to the virtual centralota you purchase as these devices have a comprehensive guarantee not only support but also functionality and advanced configuration.

If we talk about Yealink terminals, we talk about IP phones which give us the ability to make calls directly from the network and for this you need the virtual switchboard and one of the great advantages of these virtual switchboards is that no matter the geographical location where you are because, being a technology in the cloud, Yealink terminals will link directly through the network to local servers and from there establish communication, so Yealink offers these devices with extensive management capabilities.

You can see how to implement a virtual switchboard with terminals Yealink or Grandstream Yealink is more than a simple device, since you have several integrated functions, free services, 24 hour support, no need to install complex architectures and more everything always thinking about the benefit of each organization.

Neotel has multiple options for the virtual switchboard that will manage all the voice processes of your company is as pleasant and reliable as possible and in the process becomes a big step in improving and escalating the communication tasks both internally and externally because today communication is essential for the overall growth of all types of company.